Exclusive Interview with Abhishek Jain

Exclusive Interview with Abhishek Jain

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Abhishek Jain, a young energetic Management Graduate has debuted in Gujarati cinema with the first ever Urban Gujarati movie Kevi Rite Jaish. His movie has set a new milestone in Gujarati cinema.

From being an assistant director with Subhash Ghai in Black and White and Yuvraj to launching his own feature film and breaking all records of Gujarati Cinema, Abhishek Jain shares his journey with BuddyBits. Have a look at our conversation with the man of an hour.

How was the concept of Kevi Rite Jaish born?

It is simple. Going abroad is very common in Gujarati culture. We keep listening about ‘going to Amerika’ throughout our life. While thinking of making a Gujarati film we had kept in mind that we will make a film which connects with the Gujarati audience the most! And nothing better than going to America can connect the most. So, we made a film on the concept of going abroad.

How Kevi Rite Jaish is different from other Gujarati films?

As we wanted to make our film technologically strong as well, we decided to use the best HD Camera available in the market. We used RED LC Camera, which is also used in the Hollywood movie Social Network.

How did you select the cast for kevi Rite Jaish?

Cast selection was not so difficult, as the faces in the movie are familiar faces apart from Divyang Thakkar and Veronica Gautam.

While searching for the female lead of the movie, we went through a lot of people of Ahmedabad and we auditioned a lot of people in Mumbai as well. But we were not getting perfect girl suitable to the role of NRI girl Aayushi. Than we decided to find out the Linguistics student, thinking that it’ll be good for the character justification. We started searching on Facebook. Firstly we were not getting any linguistics student who was ready to do this film. But after sometime, I found a girl from Surat on Facebook with the help of my friend. Then we contacted her through Facebook. She replied us after a few days. And after some communication, it came out that she is a linguistic student studying in Mumbai. So finally we got a combination of both, an actress and a linguistics student, Veronica Kalpana Gautam.

How did you manage promotion of the movie?

Audio Visual Media is the best media to promote a film. But in Gujarat, it’s very difficult to promote the film via this kind of media due to lack of channels. So we decided to promote this film in different manner. We widely used Social Media to promote our film. Then we publicized our film through print media, radio and television.

How did you connect with Mehul Surti for music of KRJ?

We met some Bollywood music directors but they were not able to understand Gujarati element. Some of them composed music for us as well, but it was not suitable for movie. Then we decided to find out individuals to compose music for KRJ. We listened lots of individuals from Gujarat. Then we got to know about Mehul Surti. Mehul’s music was the WOW factor for us. We loved his music. His music is totally different from the normal Gujarati music in positive term of course. So we connected with him.

Which is the best part of Kevi Rite Jaish?

Entire shoot of the film was completed in 23 days. In these 23 days, we covered 34 locations of Ahmadabad city in spite of the fact that our entire team was inexperienced! It was my first film as a director. To shoot 34 locations in 23 days with an inexperienced team was madness apart. And according to me, this madness is the best part of the entire project.

Any message for BuddyBits readers?

I want to more Gujarati films. As its always gives pleasure when you compete with hurdles and complete with victory. I want to enrich the Gujarati cinema with all the possible creativity and every aspects. I request Gujaratis to watch Kevi Rite Jaish and to support upcoming Gujarati films.

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