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The most awaited movie Cocktail, finally released in India with a bang! As seen in trailer, cocktail is the story of the three protagonists, Gautam, Meera and Veronica. Story of the movie is a typical bollwood love story, where there is a love triangle between the characters. Cocktail has focused on the content which attracts generation next. Deepika Padukone urf Veronica is centered in whole movie! We can say, it wouldn’t be possible to make cocktail without her! Diana Penty urf Meera has also played astounding in the movie. And Saif Ali Khan urf Gautam has greatly played the flirt playful character in the movie. The first half of the movie is amazing, but the second half goes slow as it’s stretched unnecessarily!

Direction of the movie is simply outstanding! You can easily find the creative art in the movie taking from the shoot to the editing of the movie! Music and background score of the movie is also awesome! Story of the movie lacks some elements, but characters and punches in the movie have recovered.


When Veronica and Meera start living together during the summer in London, they have very different agendas. Meera is awkward, introvert and recovering from a hoax marriage to Kunal Ahuja (Randeep Hooda) who has dumped her. She is spending her time under Veronica’s roof until she can get some footing and find a job in this foreign land. Veronica, on the other hand, is a wild-child, impulsive, constantly looking for distractions to escape facing issues of a troubled upbringing. Being poles apart brings the two close, forging a loyal and solid friendship.

Soon Gautam enters their lives, moves in with them and has a whirlwind relationship with Meera. Meera does love Gautam because his don’t-give-a-damn attitude reminds her of her husband who had conned her into coming to London in the first place.

Both Gautam and Veronica believe in living for the moment and they honestly consider this a fling rather than a serious relationship. But as three people living together they all have a blast… Though their intentions for each other don’t change, their friendship starts to grow strong. It becomes a beautifully balanced friendship between three people. Soon Gautam realizes that he is in the horns of dilemma since he has to chose between Meera and Veronica. Unable to decide between the two, he removes himself from their lives but unlike his intentions, this sudden emptiness in both Meera and Veronica’s life worsens living for both. We are not going to reveal the final couple, you have to see cocktail for that!

Go for the Awesome threesome! Highly recommended from

Review by: Nishit Jariwala

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  1. lovely movie and superb music particularly tumhe ho bandhu..diana penty is simply adorable and saif looks cute

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