Bulk SMS and MMS Banned for 15 days!

Starting from today August 17, 2012 Bulk SMS & MMS have been banned for the next 15 days by the Government of India. According to the reports, Home Ministry Ordered the DoT(Department of Telecommunication) to Impose a Ban on Bulk SMS and MMS for the next 15 days. This decision was taken as a precautionary measure because the SMSes and MMSes were containing the misleading information about the Assam Violence. Reportedly messages were also used to threaten the Northeasteners living in the area. So to prevent the misuse and for the safety of people Government has Imposed this ban.

So all you heavy Text addicts I feel sorry for you as you wont be able to send more than 5 text messages in a day nor will you be able to send more than 20KB of data through MMS for the upcoming 15 days!

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Aditya Chowdhary
Aditya Chowdhary is an Engineering Student by choice and a Tech & Gadgets Enthusiast by passion. Also very passionate about the cars & bikes and keeps track of almost everything happening in the Auto world. Aditya likes to keep on top of technology and loves to help people around him get through day to day trouble with their tech difficulties.

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