I Follow Surat: India’s Biggest Traffic Awareness Campaign

Apart from crime, the city police believe that traffic is one of the biggest problems and all the denizens have to face it. “Surat is already known as a clean and green city and now police are trying to turn it into most traffic sensible city. To educate people about traffic rules and encourage them to follow the campaign has been designed in citizen-friendly manner,” police said.

I Follow campaign is a collective effort which was put on the table when Drashtikon, Surat photography artisans collaborated with Commissioner of police and Surat traffic police earlier this year for celebrating Traffic Awareness Week.

Campaign will focus on common rules related to helmet, no-parking zones, driving on wrong side, over speeding and traffic signal. Police believe that majority of the problems take place due to not following these simple rules.

Among the events are photography competition, painting contest for school students, cycle rally, marathon, concept designing for fine arts and engineering students, graffiti wall painting and short film making.

School students will offer wrist bands with message of ‘I Follow’ to traffic rule followers at important locations in the city. Street plays will also be staged by theatre groups of.

A song is being prepared with the theme ‘I Follow’ by poet Mukul Choksi and musician Mehul Surti. “We are working on reducing the traffic problems being created by auto-rickshaws. The plans will be introduced soon once it is ready to be launched,” said Rakesh Asthana, city police commissioner.


  1. Dear Mr. Nishit, I follow is great concept. But tell me on thing that Our Surat police want that people follow but whom???
    Dead Signals??? Are there any Zebra crossings available in all over the city?? Are there any yellow strips on road side to define the parking limits??

    I am waiting your reply.