How to Lose Belly Fat with 3 Simple Habits?

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Sapna Vyas Patel, Reebok certified fitness professional has reduced 33 kgs of her weight, from 86 to 53 kgs in a year’s time. Sapna’s previous video, “This Girl will shock You!” was a big hit on social media. She recently launched a new video called “How to lose Belly Fat with 3 simple Habits?” on youtube.

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Tips by Sapna

Visceral fat or Belly Fat is located in the abdominal cavity around our vital organs. To lead a long and healthy life we must lose the excess fat.

It can be reduced by taking diet rich in fiber and protein.
Some sources are:

  • Fruits – watermelon, orange, apple, banana, strawberries
  • Dry Fruits – Almond, Walnut
  • Low fat diary products
  • Sprouts

Regular exercise is equally important along with healthy eating.

  • Cardio exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics will help in reducing weight.
  • Weight training will help to tone and develop muscle.

Sleep at least for 7-8 hours for a flat stomach.

Our brain releases a hormone called Cortisol when we are in stressful situation; it encourages the body to store fat, especially the belly. To relax,

  • Do meditation
  • Listen to music
  • Talk your heart out with people you confide in

For people who have a genetic tendency to store visceral fat,

  • Reduce the consumption of food that is high in sugar and saturated fat
  • Become more active and do targeted exercises
  • Since its in your heredity to store belly fat, it will require little more efforts to reduce it but it will definitely reduce with discipline.
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