Salman Khan launches Parivarik Season of Bigg Boss!

6th season of the biggest Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss announced by Salman Khan today in press conference. Salman Khan launched the 6th season as a parivarik season with a Gujju tagline- “Alag che!” (It’s Different!).  Salman Khan wanted to move the show forward from its trademark negativity and controversial status to the cleaner family image, so the producers came up with the same this time.

Bigg Boss Season 6

This time, even the common man will get a chance to stay in the Bigg Boss house. The number of contestants have not been finalised yet. Salman had a companion on stage -a Macaw parrot, who is named after one of his famous on-screen characters, Radhe from Tere Naam.

Salman Khan with Macaw Parrot- Radhe

Salman emphasised on the fact that the show will be cleaner this time and stressed the word parivaarik. He also revealed that there will be one more housemate, who will give company to the housemates along with Radhe, a gold fish!

Salman Khan with Gold Fish