When Relation becomes Formality!

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Nowadays, to deal with people is not an easy task in anyway or say it’s a hard nut to crack out. One cannot associate him/her self to any individual by feelings, if one does the same he/she is supposed to bear. One cannot identify the instance at which the relation will be at it worst stage or say It’ll become merely a formality. Such things make one feel that everything is impermanent.

Not working of fellow-feeling, short tempered behavior , irritation, unpleasant feeling, lake of happiness, laugh-lost face, ignoring everything etc symptoms are very common while one is passing in the course of this stage.

Ritzy moments one had passed with his/her friend are now become past, no cool conversations, not a single punch-line on which they were laughing many times, no sweet quarrel, no stupid arguments, no silly questions and just Nothing!!

Individual starts thinking that, what is this? Who the hell is responsible for this? Why this happened with him/her only? Such questions are usually rising up in one’s mind but nothing beyond belief in this situation as it was supposed to happen.

The legitimate thing is that only he/she is responsible for all these crap because the choice was not right. After realizing this fact one starts thinking in a very right manner and also feels free because he/she knows that, “One cannot laugh on the same joke again and again then why to cry on the same issue again and again?”.

Bhavik Lathigara
Bhavik Lathigara is a columnist cum editor on BuddyBits.com and writes "The Mars Voyage". He is a passed out engineering student. Writing is his passion, he loves to engage experiences and motivational things in form of words. He believes that- "Words have their own importance, they can represent great things in various manner."