Photo Story: Eyes on you!

I always wonder, why we are giving too much importance to the idol of god, and even we make them feel like they are everything for us; by hiking them and by worshiping them. I think, we have forgotten our real idols to be worshiped.

I just clicked a beautiful moment when A Handicapped Man watching a traditional march past of an Indian Goddess! I just smiled on foolishness of this scene, because that man was handicapped, walking with his stick and goddess who has no real hands and life, was sitting on a chariot and followed by group of Pujaris!

Abhishek Pathak Photography

Abhishek Pathak
Abhishek Pathak is a photographer at He is studying Automobile Engineering from Government Engineering college, Modasa. He loves to express everything through creativity. He believes that "Clicks are the mirror of life, sometime they reflect your self, sometime they reflect the thing behind your self."