Powdered thoughts!

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It’s all about memories and some unforgettable things about which individual thinks frequently. Actually it is a bothersome feeling which comes to the person and makes him/her feel unpleasant. Having felt such sensation one should try to come out of that that’s the ultimate thing which is to be done by one for having pleasant sensation again.

One must not worry continuously and think about past incidents as those were supposed to be happen so better thing is that, one must learn how to overcome those craps by gradually being mentally sturdy. Being poignant every time is just meaningless. Individual should try to enhance his/her way of thinking, way of reaction towards people.

The big irony of life is that, people fail most of the times to recognize the reality and before they come to know about the actual thing time would have passed and they feel as dreadful as never felt before. Suffering does not stop here, it goes further and further if one do not try to overcome with that. At this juncture of life one should think in positive manner and memorize several things which can make him/her happy.

In our life, several things are widespread and can’t be undone by us then why to suffer? Why to become overprotective? Just let people do what they want to do! Only you are the master of your thoughts if you want to build them then build and if not then pulverize it if they bother you. No needs to think about it anymore just powder it down.

One thing should be taken in deliberation that, being numb is also not good. Individual should not lose senses while crushing unwanted and bothering thoughts. One should be able to balance everything.

Bhavik Lathigara
Bhavik Lathigara is a columnist cum editor on BuddyBits.com and writes "The Mars Voyage". He is a passed out engineering student. Writing is his passion, he loves to engage experiences and motivational things in form of words. He believes that- "Words have their own importance, they can represent great things in various manner."