Video: Dr. Subramanian Swamy exposes Rahul & Sonia Gandhi!

Siddharth Jhala, member of BuddyBits team made a video in which Dr. Subramanian Swamy exposes Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi by asking them questions. Video has got 1,151 hits on YouTube till now.

Have a look at the video

We asked few questions to Siddharth. Have a look.
What incepted the thought of creating this video?

One day i got an email, it had all these facts in text format, usually i don’t read lengthy emails but this was an exception, the topic being interesting. I was shocked on knowing the de factos, and thought why few people know these things! So i decided to bring it to people in a more friendly and interesting format! And hence made the video.

Siddharth Jhala

It is weird to see youth interested in politics, where did it start?

When scams come out we youth always share the facts and amounts, and i insist we are responsible for all these scams, because we vote and bring them to power. And it doesn’t make sense voting for people whom we don’t know! This video introduces you to the few very known politicians of our country.

How do you expect people to react to this?

Well, if they feel what our country is going through is crisis then i expect them to share the video and hence spreading awareness of our leaders.

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Team BuddyBits
This article is posted by one of the team members of BuddyBits.

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