Why the New Indian Rupee Symbol is Inauspicious?

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Why the New Indian Rupee Symbol is Inauspicious and How it can be changed to make it Energetically Powerful.

Mystical Symbols and Sacred Design or Geometry has been used since ages across the World. Aum, Indian Swastik with words of Shubh Labh, Seven Chakra Symbols, Shreem etc have been created by the Rishi’s and Masters with a deep sacred thought.

Each Symbol creates a Vibration because of its very Design, Colour, and its interaction with the Five Elements. Everyone knows that the starting of all Material starts with the Energy. And Energy can neither be destroyed nor created and it can just be transformed from one Form to Another. Energy is the raw material of Universe. We also live in an Vibrational Universe.

Most of us in India would have been alarmed when the Indian Rupee hit a historic record low of 56.52 on May 31, 2012 to the USD. There are numerous reasons for the same. But one reason most would have not factored is the faulty design of the Symbol itself. The Symbol seems to be Energetically incorrect.

Let us analyze The Headless Rupee

The upper part or the Head of the Symbol is Cut off with a bold sharp line. This is like cutting the Head of a Human Being. Can you imagine yourself without your Face? This is single biggest mistake in the design.

If you give a currency note holding it between your fingers, many who are aware would not appreciate it. This is like cutting the Energy of Money using a scissor (called as Katri in local lingo).

Also sharp pointed strokes represents dagger or knife which are negative energy.

Then there is another line right at the top of the symbol which locks its upward Growth.

The R (in devnagiri) is a downward stroke signalling going down.

Surely the people who approved this design may not have any idea of its negative implications. They are not equipped or trained in these matters.

Is this the only reason that our Rupee is falling on a regular basis? Surely not, but it is also one significant reason to be Understood and Addressed.

Will the symbol be rectified? I don’t think so. Simply, because it will be thrashed and dumped as one great mumbo jumbo superstition.

But the powers to be will look for auspicious days and timings to do the right things. Many will still have a Red Lucky Thread tied in their hands etc. These are scientific and not superstitious.

How to create an Energetically Lucky Symbol? The Vibrant Face of the Indian Rupee

  • Have an open symbol like “Aum”
  • No cuts or sharp lines to be used. Smooth curves preferred.
  • No downward strokes. Upward strokes project growth and positivity.
  • Symbol should be simple and convey vibrancy
  • Red or Green which is the Color of Money to be used.

I wondered why I wrote the article today. Rather why the consciousness forced me to present this aspect only today. Possible. today is a very special day, one of the rarest days on Earth. Today Venus Planet passes right in front of the Sun. Once in a life time opportunity. Next sighting only in 2117. Incidentally Venus represents Money Energy.

If you agree to any of the point, spread the word around so we have a Powerful Symbol that befits India’s Status of The Fastest Growing Economy. All that Matters is for India to become the most Powerful Nation soon.

Suresh Padmanabhan
Suresh Padmanabhan is an author, public speaker, columnist and creator of Money Workshop. He writes a column- "Secrets of Wealth" on BuddyBits. His book “I Love Money” has been translated into 11 Indian and foreign languages and is an international best seller. He has toured widely all over the world conducting Money Workshops.