What are Black Gemstones?

According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, there are more than 40 different varieties of gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires and pearls and include both precious and semi-precious stones. Out of all these colored stones, black is the color chosen by designers and fashion forward peoples their wardrobe collection as it can go with every color’s dress. There are many different kinds of black stones that are used in jewelry, each with its own distinct lustre and style.

What is gemstone?

Any of various minerals prized for beauty, durability, and rarity. A few noncrystalline materials of organic origin (e.g., pearl, red coral, and amber) also are classified as gemstones. Of the more than 3,500 identified natural minerals, fewer than 100 are used as gemstones and only 16 have achieved importance: beryl, chrysoberyl, corundum, diamond, feldspar, garnet, jade, lazurite, olivine, opal, quartz, spinel, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, and zircon. Some of these (e.g., beryl and corundum) provide more than one type of gem. In virtually all cases, the minerals have to be cut and polished for use in jewelry.

From all this black gemstones are mostly used in jewelry making. Various black gemstones are available.

Black Diamond

Black diamonds are a very popular stone. They are usually paired with colorless diamonds to create intricate black and white patterns in rings and pendants. Natural black diamonds are very rare and, as with all diamonds, can be quite expensive. Less expensive options are black diamonds that have been chemically treated. These are usually lower quality colorless diamonds that have been colored black.

Black Pearl

Pearl gemstone holds high value as gemstones. Naturally found black pearls are quite rare and are treasured for their black color and rainbow iridescence. Less expensive options include cultured pearls, freshwater pearls and imitation glass pearls.this stones are manually used by taurus and cancer people.pearl stones are suggested to increase one’s self confident, moreover it also works on emotional balance.


Onyx is a semi-precious stone mined in Brazil, California, India and Uruguay. Onyx is a hard stone, so it used in carving as well as jewelry making. Onyx’s most common color is black, but can be found with white threads or in shades of browns, as well.The keywords behind Black Onyx meaning are Intuition, Rejuvenation, Divination, Strength, Change, Balance, Grounding, Focus, Self Confidence, Banishing Negativity.


Hematite is a semi-precious stone that has magnetic properties. Ancient Egyptians thought it had magical properties and used it in tomb-making. Today, people still think its magnetic properties have healing and stress-reducing powers.

Black Crystal

Black crystals are a popular stone used in jewelry. Crystals come in all sizes and shapes and are usually used as filler beads between gemstones to add sparkle and depth to a piece. Black crystal is particularly used in beading.

Black Sapphire

Sapphires are precious stones that are available in a vast array of colors. Black sapphires are used in much the same way as diamonds, but generally cost less. Many black sapphires are treated to have a more intense color than is found naturally. Black star sapphires are quire rare and were once treasured by royalty.

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What are Black Gemstones?

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