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Roaming as a pedestrian in forests like Gir is the greatest experience you can ever have. Rattling of dry leaves, singing birds and whooping monkeys could be seen in such forests.

There are so many ways of being happy, roaming in forests or in a place where greenery is spread is one of them. One of the coolest feelings is that you feel like you are in a new world. Varieties of sounds and smell of various types make you mad. While roaming in such places, walking at a snail’s pace enhances the enjoyment.

The coolest thing about roaming is that, you forget each and every sorrows of your life. It gives you blissfulness. As far as enjoyment is concerned, it can be grabbed from anywhere.

Just imagine that you are on the way to hunt a hidden treasure, you are having a map of that treasure in which there are clues to find out that hidden treasure. The map is turned yellow because it is too old; you have gotten that map secretly from somewhere. Now you start your journey with your best friends and start heading towards the direction of treasure.

How great your journey is going to be! How great fun you are going to have! This is something like letting yourself lost somewhere, letting you fall freely. These types of journeys are not always tangible but can be in imagination, when it takes place in real life it will surely rocking and Awe-inspiring.

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Bhavik Lathigara
Bhavik Lathigara is a columnist cum editor on BuddyBits.com and writes "The Mars Voyage". He is a passed out engineering student. Writing is his passion, he loves to engage experiences and motivational things in form of words. He believes that- "Words have their own importance, they can represent great things in various manner."

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