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Deven Bhojani is an Indian TV serial actor/director; mostly known for his character Gattu in Baa Bahoo aur Baby. He is a theatre actor who is best known for his Gujarati plays and dramas. While he is usually associated with comic roles, he is also known to portray supporting characters to the most extent. He has won many awards for his performance in various serials and directorship in superhit series Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. exclusively took his interview. We got to know many interesting things about him.

Here is an extraction of our conversation with Deven. Have a look!

Tell us something about your early life and about your connection with Gujarat.

I am a proud Gujarati – Halai Lohana by cast. I am born and brought up in Mumbai. My Kul-devi Maa is in Morbi near Rajkot, Saurashtra.

Tell us about your educational career.

I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, but thank God, I ended up being an Actor / Director / Producer. I could manage to complete my Graduation (Commerce) though from a reputed college of Mumbai (India) named Narsee Monjee (N.M.).

I have studied Film-Making from one the best Filmmaking schools in Hollywood called University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, USA.

Tell us about your experience as an actor in Gujarati theatre, television and films.

I have been having a great time in all three fields of Entertainment for last many years. Though lately, I have been keeping busy only with television. I’m fortunate that my hobby of ‘Acting’ and ‘Directing’ turned into my Profession, which doesn’t happen with everyone.

Theatre recognized my talent and helped me grow as an actor and as a person.

Films gave me ‘money’ when I needed the most i.e. when I wanted to buy a new house and a car for myself. Film ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ (JJWS) gave me recognition as an actor in the Film and TV industry.  It was the trigger point of my journey in Entertainment Industry.

Television gave me money, security, confidence, love, respect, awards and immense popularity.

How you got into directorship, and share your experience as a director.

I learnt the ropes of ‘Direction’ during JJWS, as I had worked as an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR to Mansoor Khan while making JJWS.  Independently, I started direction by directing a few episodes of ‘EK Mahal Ho Sapno Ka’, when a director fell ill and the producers had to meet the deadline. I’ve won many awards for directing ‘Sarabahi v/s Sarabhai’ and  a couple of awards for creatively directing ‘Baa Bahoo Aur Baby’.

Share your experience with Hats Off Production.

J.D. Majethia and Aatish Kapadia are the key persons behind HATS OFF PRODUCTION. Personally, they both are my two of the best friends. Professionally, we have worked together on many projects and the success ratio remained 100%. We have loved working with each other and the work brought us even more closer.

You are playing Gattu (the most favorite character) again on Life OK. Would you like to share something on it?

It is must be one of the rarest thing happened in television industry; where an iconic character of an old serial (Baa Bahoo aur Baby – Star Plus channel) entered in a new serial (Alaksmi – Life OK channel). This may start a new trend of reviving popular old characters. Honestly, initially I was a little skeptical when producers approached me, but later I thought; it would be great fun to relive mine and audiences’ favorite character. I felt really nice & loved; when I was told that it was channel’s idea to bring Gattu in Alakshmi.

Alaxmi Ka Super Parivaar
Deven Bhojani on the set of Alaxmi Ka Super Parivaar

How challenging the role of Gattu is for you?

Gattu is/was a very difficult character to play – Before I started shooting for BAA BAHOO AUR BABY (Gattu);  for a few days, I use to go to a CHILDREN’s HOME (for Autistic children) to observe children over there.

It helped me learn nuances of this character – Their gestures, postures, mannerisms, how they talk, walk, how they feel, how they relate and understand things & people,etc etc. I owe a lot to those children.

Even today, while playing GATTU, I request the whole unit to stop moving even an inch during my shot – to concentrate better. I need a few seconds of complete SILENCE before and during the shots. Sometimes, I get carried away for a couple of seconds, even after I hear a ‘CUT” from the director.

Tell us something about Mrs. Tendulkar.

It was a nice character, but I feel, I could have performed it a little better. The serial was appreciated but still, it didn’t work the way we had expected it to work!

You have worked in Agneepath. How you got that role and share your experience from the set of Agneepath.

I had been avoiding to do a film since I was not getting good roles and was busy more with television, but I got a call from Dharma Productions (KARAN JOHAR), which is one of the the biggest banners of Film Industry, I thought ‘let’s meet at least!’. I got the script and character narration from the director Karan Malhotra, also got a hard bound copy of the full script – They were ready to accommodate my dates – Then there was no reason to say a NO!.

On the sets, everything was very professional – well organized, people were disciplined, director knew his job very well, co-stars Hrithik, Priyanka, Rishi Kapoorji were very supportive and without any hang-ups.

A few of my scenes were chopped off in the final edit – but I understand, it happens and I have accepted it very gracefully. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai was the biggest hit. Would you like to share your experience from the set of SVS?

I was fortunate that I had a great team of cast and crew. On first day, I was a little intimidated by senior actors, but within a couple of hours, I managed to take command.

They were very supportive and didn’t bring their ‘Seniority syndromes’ in the work. Major credit for the super success of SVS should go to it’s amazing writing.

Audience is demanding the next season of SVS, have you planned to launch next season?

I’m glad that audiences loved SVS and consistently demand for its next season, which is not a very common thing in television; but only the producers and the channel can answer the question ‘When is it possible?!’

It’s the general belief that Fame change people; specially add ego characteristic. What’s your point of view on that?

It varies from individual to individual. I somehow fail to understand, how some people change after they become successful.

You are in field of Glamour, which is basically known as gory deep down. What you think?

I think, glamour industry is wonderful and mostly there are nice people around.

What is more important, Degree or Passion? Why?

Talent is the most important, passion and honesty towards work helps to sustain for a longer run.

Weirdest or Unforgettable moment of your life.

My drama tours (National & International) were very enriching. They were like roller-coster rides of life!

Years back, a bike accident I met with, is the saddest memory. My friend’s girlfriend almost lost her life, who was the pillion rider. With God’s grace, now she is absolutely alright and she & my friend are happily married for last many years.

Who is your Inspiration?

My four best friends are my inspiration.

  • Vipul Shah (a known Filmmaker – Aankhen, Namaste Lodon, etc), He is also my business partner.
  • Jamnadas (JD) Majethia (a known Tv Producer – Hatsoff production),
  • Paresh Ganatra (a known Tv & Film actor – CHIDIYA GHAR fame),
  • Aatish Kapadia (a known Tv writer & Co-producer in Hatsoff Production)
Deven Bhojani with friends

What is your future plan?

I don’t plan things much in advance. I flow with the life. Currently, I’ve joined hands with one of my best friends, a known film-maker Vipul Shah to co-produce TV content.

What is your new year resolution?

Like every year, my this year’s NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION – would be same to go on diet, walk, exercise, etc. and loose weight. Let’s see which year do I succeed?

Questions from Fans

Few questions asked by our Facebook Fans. Have a look.

What are your views on Gujarat Assembly Elections? (Siddharth Jhala, Rajkot)

I was sure that Shree Narendra Modi would win. I am very very happy with his victory.

Did you have crush on someone in your college? (Anvy Sharma, Surat)

Yes, but it was just an infatuation. Later I realized that she was not ‘my’ types!

Which is your favorite Gujarati cuisine? (Tirath Mulani, Ahmedabad)

Undhiyu‘ (especially made by my mother) and  “Kachori wali Daal-dhokli‘ made by my wife.

Yuummmm! Muh me paani aa gaya!

Rapidfire with Deven Bhojani

Want to know personal Liked/ Dislikes of Deven Bhojani? Have a look at the Rapidfire Round with Deven Bhojani.

Favorite Movie: Pursuit of Happiness

Favorite Actor: Aamir Khan. Ranbir Kapoor

Favorite Actress: Sridevi, Kajol

Favorite Cuisine: Mexican food

Favorite Quote: Be honest to yourself!

Favorite City: Mumbai.

Favorite Holiday Destination:  Las Vegas, Venice.

Which things  turn on your mood?

A good movie, quality time with family & close friends, when I genuinely feel that I have done a good job (which is not very usual).

Which things  turn off your mood?

When I see Hypocrisy, ‘kaam-chori’, carelessness, Lie.


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