Interview with Rj Aditi and Rj Harshil

Rj Aditi and Rj Harshil are the glamour of radio in Ahmedabad. They are official RJs of Red FM, Ahmedabad. Palash Bhatt took their interview as Representative. Have a look at the interview of the most charming personalities of radio.


Rj Harshil

When we think about a smooth-heavy voice in radio world, first name comes in our mind would be of Rj Harshil undoubtedly! An ordinary amdavadi cricket crazy guy.

A born enthusiastic person, he believe in smart work rather than doing hard work. But yes it doesn’t mean that he is not hardworking!! He carries amazing power to make people agree with his opinions.

He can put a positive effect on people’s mind, along with his opinions and reviews.

Rj Aditi

RJ Aditi, a girl with such a charming personality! Her voice is as beautiful as her. Audience is mad about her; fans want to listen her again and again.

She is very close to the audience through Radio with her RJing skills and her lovely nature. She gets “Bhajiyas and Kajukatris” from her fans on just a one demand!

Besides a long list of achievements, this “Glamour of radio” is such a down to earth person.

An extraction of our interview with Rj Aditi and Rj Harshil.

According to you, which qualities are required to be a successful RJ?

Harshil: It’s not about one or two qualities; it’s about bunch of qualities. In 21st century, radio is not only concerned with RJ’s voice quality. Thoughts of RJ are more important now a days. If you are RJing a particular city, you have to have good knowledge of that city! I am learning something new day by day since last five years of my career as an RJ. Different qualities are being improved and developed automatically in me with time. May be those things make me better RJ.

Aditi: I’ve started understanding reaction and thought process of people (especially Amdavadi) with different kind of songs, when I was too small. So, the local touch and connection in your every show is very important factor in being a successful RJ. I believe that- “This is the last show of mine, and I have to give my best in this show.”, in my every shows. This is what makes my show better.

Even contacts are more important. You have to keep in touch with local people, who give you regular updates of the city. According to me, confidence and local connection are the two of those qualities which make us better RJ.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about RJs in people’s mind?

Harshil said, “RJs must have good voice. And RJ’s working hours are only when they are on air.” is the biggest misunderstanding on people’s mind according to me.

It’s not a work of four or five hours. We have to prepare so many things concerning our next show. When we are done with our today’s show, we have to prepare for our next show. So many people are not aware of these facts.

Aditi said, before five years in radio, RJ only have to speak the written script. But today, all the responsibilities for a good show are on RJs, taking from writing and producing the scripts to presenting it on the radio. So, this is one of the things which people are not aware of.

Do you have any bad experience with friends or fans?

Harshil said, there is no bad experience with friends. Actually, they want to have a photograph with us; that’s it. There are some friends, who regularly call us and follow us sometimes, when we go outside. But they don’t irritate us. They are sweet. Because they are little curious about RJ’s lifestyle.

Aditi said, No I don’t feel good when people try to follow us in all our outdoor activities and ask us to join in as even we cannot deny them directly! I don’t mind for few crazy fans. Because, everyone is in curiosity of knowing us offbeat.

How you feel, when you find people who were not paying attention to you when you were not in this field, are following you right now?

Harshil: Luckily I don’t remember this kind of people. Yes, views of few of my mates towards me are changed now, but my views towards them are still same as I was having in past.

Aditi: I feel the same, nobody was ignoring me in my past. Previously I was in dancing, choreography, photography and modeling. I just joined RJing due to “passion” not as “profession”.

Which moments made you proud on yourself in your life?

Harshil: There are so many moments which make us feel proud and I think we all have to be proud on ourselves, even with the smallest achievement. After the show when one listener calls and appreciates us for our efforts, we feel proud. Those things really motivate us.

Aditi: Yes sometimes so many people appreciate our good qualities; which make us feel good. I would love to give one example of a student named Honey Panchal. That girl was in 12th science and was only allowed to listen our show.  On her birthday she promised us to score 90% and she really worked hard and got more than 90%. At the day of result her dad came on our studio with her marksheet and we gave a surprise call to Honey and invited her to the studio. This kind of incident make us feel very good.

According to you, what is more important, luck or hard work?

Harshil: I think, luck is important factor, because without luck it is not possible to get respective platform. Yes but if there is no hard work, your luck will also become worthless. So according to me, both of them have same importance.

Aditi: Yes completely agree with Harshil, first luck and then hard work. Because, you have to make some effort to get the best out of your luck.

Any quote, you always like to follow?

Harshil: Yes, I believe in a quote- “Feel and live each and every moment of your life.

Aditi: I really believe in “Do it before you die.

Any message for readers of, who want to become RJ?

Aditi: Yes, all the BB readers who want to become RJ, just keep your EARS to all radio stations. One should know the current national issues, technology and bollywood trends. Even one should be aware about the movements of other RJs. First try to be eligible for radio auditions and then try to become a good RJ.

Harshil: Yes, no one is a born RJ. One should be well polished and after that proper knowledge and smart work can make a person a good RJ.

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