Keep your Android Superfast with these Apps!

Android is the new babe of mobile technology,but seemingly,this babe gets tired very much and gets slower and slower day by day.But also,there is a whole lot of apps in the play store which tell you that they will increase speed of your phone.No,you don’t need all of them,just these apps which will make your android smartphone secure,powerful and of of course,will increase speed.

Keep Your Android Fit and Blazing Superfast With these Apps.

1. Advanced Mobile Care




Advanced Mobile Care is an all-in-one Android security and performance optimization app that performs real-time malware scans while also featuring a powerful Game Speeder, Battery Saver, App Manager, Task Killer and Privacy Locker.Key Features:

  • Mobile Anti-virus

One touch anti-virus scan can protect your device from viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, suspicious apps and provides real-time protection from malware attacks when downloading a new app or unknown file. Keep your operating system protected and secure.

  • System Tuneup

One touch scan to clean memory, cache and junk files to boost your phone’s operating speed.

  • Game Speeder

Launch games with Game Speeder to make games run smoothly and without lag or game-play disturbance.

  • Battery Saver

Provides 3 battery saving modes to extend battery life as well as inform users about which apps consume the most battery power.

  • App Manager

Uninstall apps or transfer apps to your SD card. Sort apps by name, size or use frequency to identify large or unnecessary apps for removal.

  • Task Killer

Quickly shut off memory intensive and battery hogging apps with one touch.

  • Privacy Locker

Hide, lock, and protect your private photos, videos and files with a password.

  • Widget

Perform quick scans directly from your Android desktop.

2. Clean Master




Key Features
  • History Eraser/ Clean cache Files

On Android devices, history include privacy history and application cache files.Clean Master has got history eraser function to help protect your privacy. Application Cache Files are the temporary files created by applications. For example, while you’re using browser, it saves the images as cache files. It’s the same for other application and all you need is a rated cache cleaner. Using Clean Master to clear cache files regularly will save phone space and speed up application performance.

  • Clean unused files/ Manage and clean app packages

App Packages are the .apk files used to install apps. When you download and install apps from markets, updating them on phone, the apk files are becoming more and more, eating the huge space of your phone.
Remind unused files when app installed,Clean Master can find all the temp apk files on your phone, and clean them

  • Kill running tasks/release RAM

The tasks running on background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. The Task Killer of Clean Master can kill the unwanted tasks and release more RAM to speed up your android device.

3. Go Power Master


Go Power Master


  • Functional module management

GO Power Master will decrease the power loss by managing the network, the radio, the brightness and other power consumed modules of your mobile phone

  • Running applications monitoring

GO Power Master will help you to find out the most power consumed applications by precisely monitoring and analyzing the power consuming of every running application.

  • Smart power saving

GO Power Master will smartly switch to the saving mode when the power is low or the time you set is reached.

  • Time statistics

GO Power Master will precisely calculate the time statistics for endurance, calls, video, audio, network and standby of your battery.

  • One-Touch Optimization helps you to lighten the load of your battery easily.
  • Modes help you to use the battery selectively and wisely.
  • The GO Power Master widgets provide you the way to handle the power quickly without opening the application.
Article by Abhijit Mahida | Source Go Teched!

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