Love is not LOVE actually!

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There are so many undefined terms we have to live out with; there are so many ways for interpretation; there are several ways to visualize things. Many times people fail to interpret and as it is said ‘To err is human’, it’s obvious. I have been watching people talking about love and relationships for so long time, sometimes I wonder how could they manage all these things? Are they able to understand all these things which they call love, likeness or affection?

As per the psychological perception love is one of the very common feelings individual feels as per the time, but he can’t say firmly what he is saying or doing is about love or not because, he may not sure about it. There must be some parameters taken in consideration while talking about love or that kind of relations. Generally, people interpret likeness as love but actually they don’t know what they are doing. Likeness towards something is temporary and it doesn’t have capacity to bind individual in relations, it disappears automatically after sometime. If we talk about love “it’ll never fade away because it is having strong bonding than likeness” and this small definition or say “belief” is said by philosophers and even from common people we can hear this small definition of love but as I said formerly love is an undefined term and will remain undefined. Yes, that is another thing that, you can indicate or exemplify love by various cases such as love between mother and child, love between married couple etc.

One sterling example I would like to indicate here is about the love between a child and its mother. Everyone knows about the great and selfless love between mother and her child. Mother’s love is everlasting and simply great. Nowadays, people are going in wrong ways, especially, collegians are ahead in misinterpreting love. They consider likeness as love but as I said before it should not be like that.

Love itself is a high level thing so expecting something more than love would be merely thoughtlessness I suppose. As far as ‘true love’ or ‘real love’ or any other similar words are concerned there is no such thing exist, the only thing exist is love, nothing more than that.

One concrete thing strikes in my mind is that, if people will continue misinterpreting love and start falling in such likeness related thing which doesn’t have any connection with love they’ll be going to suffer for sure because, they even don’t know the realistic concept of love and they are running towards it like a dumb.

Bhavik Lathigara
Bhavik Lathigara is a columnist cum editor on and writes "The Mars Voyage". He is a passed out engineering student. Writing is his passion, he loves to engage experiences and motivational things in form of words. He believes that- "Words have their own importance, they can represent great things in various manner."