Sapna Bhavnani will say goodbye to Bigg Boss 6!

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Karishma Kotak, Sapna Bhavnani, Sana Khan and Aashka Goradiya were nominated for the eviction of this week in Bigg Boss 6. Karishma Kotak is evicted from Bigg Boss 6 in mid-week eviction as we have predicted on And there is other eviction on Friday (28th December, 2012). Sapna, Sana & Aashka are nominated contestants for tomorrow’s eviction. According to’s exclusive prediction, Sapna Bhavnani will be evicted in Friday Eviction.

Have a look at the eviction ratio.

  1. Sapna Bhavnani (70%)
  2. Aashka Goradiya (20%)
  3. Sana Khan (10%) Exclusive Prediction

We have been exclusively predicting the evictions of Bigg Boss since last two seasons of the show. And most of our predictions are coming out to be true! We had already predicted this mid-week eviction on our website (On 24th December, 2012). And Karishma Kotak got evicted according to our prediction!

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