Amazon beats Apple and became most reputed company in U.S.

According to a survey by Harris Interactive, Amazon are the most reputable and respected company in the US. More than 14,000 people were asked to take part in the survey for the 2013 Reputation Quotient, which determines the reputation of each of the top and “most visible” companies in the US. The results are based partly on how much appeal the company has, what it sells or provides and what it performs like financially.

Out of the total of 6 criteria, Amazon came in the top 5 in five of them. The Top 5 Ranking are.

  1. Amazon with a score of 82.62
  2. Apple with a score of 82.54
  3. Walt Disney Company with a score of 82.12
  4. Google with a score of 81.32
  5. Johnson & Johnson with a score of 80.95

Last year, Apple was top of the list with Amazon in 4th place. For the last 5 years Amazon have been in the top 5 of the reputation stakes, with scores consistently over 80. According to Harris Interactive, technology companies always have the best reputations. This year they achieved a positive rating of 79%; 2012 was 76% and 2011, 75%. With a 73% negative rating, tobacco companies pad out the bottom end of the list.

According to the survey, the general public on the whole does not have a good view of Corporate America. 44% consider it to be very poor while just 28% marked it as good.

What do you think about these results? We have to bear in mind that only 14,000 people were surveyed, which is the tiniest fraction of those in the US eligible to take part in such a survey. One wonders what the results would have been if more people had taken part.

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