iPhone Pepper Spray Case for Women

Most women consider their safety as a top priority, especially those that are traveling alone or late at night. This latest idea is a must-have for any woman who has an iPhone. It’s called the iPhone Pepper Spray Case and, yes, it does contain a canister of pepper spray. Made by Spraytect, the idea came from a father who wanted his daughter to be able to travel and protect herself from danger without any trouble.

Using it is very simple. You do have to install the spray canister yourself but, once it’s in, it’s completely safe. For those who are wondering how safe something like this can be when it’s tucked in a pocket, the manufacturers have this to say: “Attached to the iPhone an integrated safety tab prevents the pepper spray from accidental discharge. By taking the pepper spray from the iPhone it will be automatically unlocked”.

Other Features

It’s not the most attractive of cases as it has a large bulge at the back where the pepper spray is housed. However, as advertised, this can double up as a kickstand for the iPhone, so it’s not all bad. The case comes in a choice of colors – white, turquoise, black, blue and pastel pink and it costs $40. For your money you get a tester cartridge that allows you to practice installing and firing with no chemical releases. The actual cartridges cost $18 each and you can choose to match them to your iPhone case cover if you want to.

Where to Buy

The Pepper Spray Case is available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Please remember to check that you are legally allowed to carry pepper spray as a self-defense mechanism in your State or Country. Buy online on Amazon

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