Movie Review: Akaash Vani

BuddyBits [rating:2.5/5]

Akaash Vani is an inconsistent romantic movie based on today’s generation love stories and social happenings on marriages of girls.

Akaash Vani is the story of the Chandigarh boy Akaash and the Dehradun girl Vani who meet in college and falls in love at first sight. Their relationship kick starts like a fairy-tale. Vani is a traditional girl and her ethics lie in respecting her parent’s decision, irrespective of what she wants and this leads to a lot of the troubles that she faces. Akaash is naughty and romantic, whose life takes a completely new turn when he falls in love with Vani. Their crazy romance, that plods on for the first half of the movie, makes you feel as if you’re trapped in an elevator with a pair of lovesick teenagers. This long, rambling love story makes an important point about marriage, and about parents shoving their decisions down their children’s throats to stay within societal norms. The Best scene of the movie was when Aakash & Vani dreams about their honeymoon and Akaash giving naughtiest definitions of Honeymoon.

Coming to performances, everything about Vani (Nushrat Bharucha) from her light eyed expressions to her wide smile makes one fall in love with her. Aakash (Kartikeya Tiwari) has done a fabulous job going from the completely craziest notorious boy in the beginning of the film to the much simple, mature and responsible man, who will not let go off the love of his life. The emotional connection that Akaash and Vani have is beyond just a college romance, and the charming chemistry of duo has pulled it off very well.

The most disappointing factor about the film is its length of near about two-and-half hour runtime, you wish the tale was cut short by at least an hour. Musically too the film doesn’t offer much, songs in the movie are not so great either. The whole sher-o-shayri, Dialoguebaazi, etc are totally outdated and seems out of place in this so called youth romantic Movie. Camera work is fine but editing is disgusting. However the best part of the story is that life and love does gives a second chance to both Akaash and Vani to revisit their beautiful relationship and what they do after that is the story all about.

Akaash Vani makes women realize that it’s more important to be happy and respected than being considered as righteous. The movie is about choices we make as we grow in love and life. It works strongly as a social drama than the love story…Take your parents to the nearest theatre and show them the movie if they are against love. I’m going with 2.5/5 for this social romantic-saga.

Ankur Mehta
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