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Hi everyone. It’s me Shivang again. I like to keep my interaction with you a bit raw and in form of chat rather than a lecture or a column. This way we will enjoy our conversations too and in turn learn and enjoy our journey.

Now continuing to what I said Earlier, what do I really mean by

  1. Make your money work for you.
  2. Work Smart not Hard.

Lets understand step by step. What I really do in our day today life? You run constantly in search of money. Whatever you are doing right now be it a job or your own profession or even studies etc., somewhere it is related to developing some skills or selling your skills to your customers or your company (if you are doing job) for money. Because MONEY in turn makes you able to buy your comfort and achieve your dreams over and above the survival in day today life.

In all the above scenarios just take a minute and think that what happens if you don’t do what you are doing. You stop studing, you stop going office or you stop going to your job. Does it still gurantee you the flow of income continuously? I think the answer is NO for most of us.

So what is happening here is YOU ARE WORKING FOR MONEY. And the day you stop working the flow of money stops. This is called WORKING HARD.

Now contrary to this, what if you are in a position where you just have to do what you love to do and money keeps flowing irrespective of you work or not. Here YOU ARE MAKING YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU. This situation, right here that I am talking about is called WORKING SMART, which will give you FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and in turn assures you TIME freedom to do whatever you love.

You may think “ is mein naya kya kaha tune? WE ALL KNOW ABOUT IT”. Well there must be many people who may know this, but there are still many who don’t. Also if you know this fact, WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING ABOUT IT? NOTHING, right?

Dont worry , the problem is not with you. But the basic problem is with the human psyche and the education system. We have always been taught to WORK HARD as it has been very finely ingrained in our DNA during our evolution from apes to present day humans. And the result of this is 96% of the population on PLANET EARTH is working HARD, WHILE only 4% of the population is WORKING SMART as they MAKE THEIR MONEY WORK FOR THEM as they break away from this pattern of working HARD.

Now it doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire, billionaire or a roadside popper. But HUMAN BEING surely loves one thing TIME FREEDOM and the opportunity to just DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. But to achieve TIME freedom you need FINANCIAL FREEDOM. The biggest problem with our education system is everyone either in school, or in college or in your MASTER’S programme NO ONE TEACHES YOU HOW TO ATTAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Everyone just teaches you how to EARN MONEY.

But don’t worry. Through this column I will be sharing with you what it takes TO ATTAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

So to know more about the HARDWARE and SOFTWARE of attaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM do STAY TUNED to this space. God bless you all.

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Shivang Desai

Shivang N Desai is an Associate Finacial Planner and is founder of the financial services firm SD Finance. He writes regular column- “Money Guru” on

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