Movie Review: OZ The Great and Powerful


It revolves around a con magician in circus who is hurled away from the dusty cyclone to the great land of Oz. He is not convinced as the great wizard as the people of Oz were expecting. But as the time passes he comes around the problems faced by the inhabitants of Oz. In this magical land he get involves with the witches and also some good friends like a winged monkey and a wee girl of china. Putting all his magic arts which discovered through illusion and ingenuity, he defeats the witches. Story was as simple as a dime a dozen, more for kids but a family entertainer.


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Vivek Patel

Vivek is pursuing his Engineering from Ganpat University, Ahmedabad. Vivek is a movie critic on Vivek is fond of intelligent, smart and people who interact and reciprocate spontaneously.

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  1. Solid review Vivek. This could’ve been a lot worse as a whole but there are enough good things scattered throughout to make it a cute, entertaining night at the movies if you get the chance.

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