Nadeem Jafri shared Insights from Hearty Mart!

Nadeem Jafri , an MBA from IMS, Indore and an advertising and media professional decided to plunge into the ongoing retail wave and start his own retail venture Hearty Mart at the unexplored area of Juhapura-Vishala Circle. In the early 2004, he launched Hearty Mart Super Market at Vishala Circle Hearty Mart is positioned as a store which provides ease and convenience of shopping. Hearty Mart customer is a typical middle class housewife who wants to purchase her monthly food-grocery-cosmetics requirements from a convenient place. Hearty Mart has grown significantly since its beginning and now has 9 franchisees in villages across Gujarat. He has won the prestigious Star Entrepreneurship Award at 3rd Indira Innovation Summit 2010. Nadeem Jafri also mentors students on marketing and advertising from prominent management colleges – EDI, MICA, B K School of Management etc.

Nadeem Jafri

Nadeem Jafri sharing Hearty Mart story at eChai Insights (PDPU)

Insights from Hearty Mart
  • Hearty Mart has focused in rural area rather than urban area. They have 9 franchisees in villages across Gujarat!
  • They have their own brands like Lutf and Saral for which they are sourcing products locally.
  • Started with capital of Rs.62 Lakhs, Hearty Mart today makes revenue of Rs.2 Crore and is growing by 15% annually.
  • Hearty Mart is becoming an important project for case-study of business schools including IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad), MICA (Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad) and Nirma Institute of Management.
  • Hearty Mart has also become case-study for International Academia! European Case Clearing House (ECCH) has registered Hearty Mart case on ‘Creating a Retail Brand’!