Samsung launches S Health App for its Galaxy S4 Users!

New updated “S Health App” will give more advantage with specialized feature sensor found in Galaxy S4. This app provides number of health steps like features calories counter for which food you eat and how much energy you spend moving around and also measure the body temperature and humidity in the environment you are in and also provide blood pressure measurement sensor and glucose meters.

With this app they have also launched the S band. Its like pedometer bracelet which count your steps and sync with the S health app. So its easy too. When you are jogging you don’t need to have phone at time. You can wear bracelet while moving around everywhere. Bracelet sends information about your health to your Galaxy S4. There is also a body scale and a heart rate monitor which will send data to the phone via Bluetooth. Samsung didn’t say which company is making the third party device but with its complete tracking package, it looks to be making a run in the world of the health and fitness.

Devang Badrakiya
Devang is pursuing Computer Engineering from R.K. University, Rajkot. He is a Gadget Freak on He like to keep himself updated about the new Technologies that are shaping up. "I'm not some nerd and definitely not a GEEK. But still I daily spend 4-5 hours visiting tech websites." says Devang.