Startup Talk with Sneha Thakker

Sneha Thakker is a first generation entrepreneur, who started Thakker Technologies at the age of 23 years with her pocket money and zero capital. She has completed her graduation in Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) in 2006 from Gujarat University. Have a look at our conversation with Sneha.

How was your life before being entrepreneur?

Life before being entrepreneur was fun; I was a newcomer who wanted to achieve big milestones in a job and wanted to reach on the top position in some company. I was doing job at a local company in Ahemdabad.  I did job for around 2 years before thinking to start my own venture.

How you got into entrepreneurship?

Due to my senior colleagues! You may wonder how? They never gave me an opportunity to show my skills. When I used to complete my assigned work in half time, I was being moved to copy/paste and testing kind of work which was not profile, I was hired for!

So I started creating requirement myself and generating code out of it. Soon I got freelancing work and I continued doing that. Since then I’ve never looked back and started a company soon after that.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

The journey was never been so easy! Being a first generation entrepreneur neither I nor my family had any idea from where to start with. Be it legal procedure or manpower requirement or financial matter.  I and my father worked very hard to sort out such basic things to start a company.

It was a good experience, because I did everything myself so I’ve learned a lot of things. I did not have ready peace of a cake to eat, so it was a fun to know how to make a delicious cake!

Tell us about Thakker Technologies.

Thakker Technologies is a team of dynamic, young and expert professionals. We are creating components, modules, plugins, templates, logo, website development/ design etc for various CMS including but not limited to Joomla, Dolphin, WordPress, OpenCart, ZenCart etc.

We also create digital products for different CMS out of which some are market leaders, like Social Sign In.

Now we have started mobile development as well. Within couple of months you’ll see our apps in the market. We always wanted to do something different and something new, so you may find some uniqueness in our products too.

Which troubles did you face during your journey, and how did you overcome those?

The very first problem any entrepreneur may face is money. The same was true for me. I have started my business with my pocket money and zero capital. I focused on sustaining my business, not make a loss, rather than making profit out of it in initial stage.

Also I did not have a business family background; I had to create my own client list.  So I worked for lower price and sometimes for free, to prove myself and get business for the first time.

Did you find any disadvantage of your young age?

People used to think that I am too young for a business. And they always wonder how I am managing a company on my own! I think this was the major disadvantage.

They underestimate your skills and power if you are a young entrepreneur.

Sneha Thakker
Sneha Thakker, Founder, Thakker Technologies

Did you find any advantages & disadvantages of being a woman entrepreneur?

There is not any advantage of being a woman entrepreneur as I see with my experience till date. But a disadvantage could be people doubt your skills. And what major problem I faced during startup, even employees do not want to join my company because it’s being run by a woman!

You have had quite an exciting career as a young entrepreneur. Would you like to share an interesting experience/incident from your journey so far?

Well being an entrepreneur, is itself an interesting experience.  But I want to share an incident, about a business event. Someone called me up and when I look back to see who’s that? Guess who, the same people who once denied my existence and did not believe in my talent during the job! It was a delightful day when I and they were sharing the same round table, they as employee of some company and me to represent my own company!

What advice would you give to upcoming young entrepreneurs?

There are few advices I would like to give to young entrepreneurs from my experience.

  • A smart captain does not go down with the ship. Don’t go on a fool’s errand for the sake of ego.
  • When you are a startup, forget about fancy offices, fast cars and fat expense accounts. Your wallet is your company’s life-blood.
  • Don’t start a business simply because it seems sexy or boasts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. Do it only if it’s something what you love.
  • You’ll not be a billionaire overnight, have patience and keep believing & working for your dreams.

You have been appreciated by many awards. Would you like to share on the same?

I was humbled to receive those recognitions.  In very short journey I got awards like

  1. Priyadarshini Award – Outstanding Women Entrepreneur
  2. Best Young Entrepreneur
  3. Global Achiever’s Award for Women Entrepreneur of Year 2012
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Startup Talk with Sneha Thakker

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