Why Facebook does not Support GIF Images?

Well,This is the question every google + users think and want the answer from Facebook.

The animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) has been around for years. In early days, it was a way to send moving images in a low resolution format

It’s 2013 and the animated GIF pretty much looks like a Amazing picture.

Compuserve introduced it in 1987 that supports up to 8 bits per pixel, therefore creating 256 colors. There are two types 87a (images) and 89a (supporting animation).

Let’s address the problem with GIF’s

If you try to upload a GIF image in facebook post though browsing , the GIF file is converted automatically into a static PNG file during the upload process. and some time it will show error notice that image is not 180 pixel.

They are larger in size. however a jpg is compressed for the web to less than a megabyte, animated GIF files can start to exceed, depending on how many frames they have and the size of the image and the breaking pointing is there are image upload limitations, it is still difficult to load up at times.

Yesterday I was at Pizza store,i want to check my Google+ account,but with all the animated GIF files running – along with other customers that were using the connection – the page loaded very slow. So slow that i want to throw my Smartphone but then i Control my mind and close the window because it was killing bandwidth for all.

But if you  are having Great Internet Speed then, you will get more interest in animated GIF’s images. The reason behind is GIF’s look cool .

If you are sharing videos in facebook then no one (approximately) is interested to watch that video because there are couple of reasons such as

  1. It wants more internet speed and slows down the other surfing.
  2. We are always bored to watch that 3 to 10 minutes videos and we always ignores to watch that video.

What u can do is simply create some frames and by joining them create GIF image. It sounds amazing because it saves time and not using that much bandwidth as of videos.

As we know Google + supports gif images that includes comedy stuffs ,animated images,Nature ,Beautiful sceneries,and ofcourse eco-friendly images spreading awareness and so on.

Why facebook doesn’t support GIF?

As per my point of view this is due to the way that Facebook caches images. Basically, it reduces load on their servers. There are a lot of discussions on the web about how this might be solved, but any such method is almost certainly against the terms of service of Facebook.

The other thing is

Animated images take a lot of cache space on server.if anyone uses animated gif or png files the downloading time on server increases . It’s becomes very hard to manage the errors that are thrown when there is lot of unhandled cache to deal with. This is the reason facebook doesn’t support many files which increases load on the server.

It is said that soon they will have the facility to use iframes, and once they do, you could use them to display an animated gif.

Hope I have Clear your Doubts.

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Mohsin Surani
Mohsin Surani is contributor at BuddyBits.com. He is studying IT Engineering in Ahmedabad. He's passionate about technological things/ updates occuring in the world and sharing with others. He is a hard working person, punctual, mingle with people easily and love to make friends. He is perfect to get work done satisfactorily in accurate manner.

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Why Facebook does not Support GIF Images?

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