Windows 7 Secret Themes

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If you are working in an environment that uses Windows 7, you can see some of the coolest sites right there from your desktop. To do this, you will need to unlock Windows 7’s hidden themes. You may have noticed that Windows 7 has a default country theme. For example, the Windows 7 that I bought has a United States theme listed under Aero Themes. But, it also has several other country themes stored in hidden files. Here is a trick to access those themes. Windows 7 Secret themes found at-


(You can find this by typing “\MCT” in the address bar after “C:\Windows\Globalization”)

Windows 7 Secret Themes

You will mainly find all these themes.

Click on any of the folder there you will find an ‘theme’ named folder. Click on it and there you will find an single theme file just double click on that file and your theme will get changed.

Reveal and enjoy the themes. It’s really cool!

Ankur Mehta

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