6000 GTU Students fooled by this April Fool Prank!

It was April Fool’s day yesterday. Lot’s of people and even websites made their users fool by funny pranks. Google launched Google Nose Beta and Gmail Blue, Twitter launched Twttr (Twitter with paid vowels), Flipkart came with Delivery of Cash and YouTube announced to relaunch their website in 2023. And obviously BuddyBits.com launched World’s first 3D Magazine. Everyone tried their best to come up with a unique idea to fool respective people/ users.

Facebook Page GTU Confessions came up with very realistic prank with the help of GTU student Vivek Sancheti. They made a simple announcement of declaration of result of B.E. 7th Semester.

GTU Prank Status

And as the link was same as the link of actual GTU result page, everyone started clicking the link without caring of 1st April.

GTU Result Page

And yes, the Result Page was made similar to the GTU’s result page too. Everyone started writing their Enrollment numbers out of curiosity. And bang!

April Fool

More than 6000 students of Gujarat Technological University fooled within few hours. Coding part was done by Vivek and publicity of the prank was done by GTU Confessions. Kudos to Vivek and team of GTU Confessions.