Now share your feelings or what you’re doing on Facebook!

Facebook just got a new feature. Now you can share your feelings or what you are doing on a click! Facebook has launched all new button in the status bar, on clicking it you will be able to share what you are doing or how are you feeling!

To share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing with an icon in a status update:

Click the share menu at the top of your News Feed or timeline.  Click .


Choose feeling or what you’re doing (ex: drinking or eating) in the dropdown.


Choose how you’re feeling or a description of your activity (ex: what you’re drinking) by clicking one of the suggestions or type a word to find more suggestions. If it isn’t listed, you can type in the whole word and then choose it in the dropdown.


If you add a feeling that isn’t in the suggestion menus, you’ll need to choose an icon to go with it.

To edit how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, click  and make your changes or click X to remove it from your update. To change your icon, click it in your status update and choose a new one from the dropdown.

Once you’ve added your feeling or activity, finish filling in your status update and click Post. If you choose an activity that involves an authentic page—like a brand, sports team or movie—that page will appear in your status update.


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Nishit Jariwala
Foodie, photographer, traveler, cinemaholic, storyteller and dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit. He is captain at BuddyBits.

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Now share your feelings or what you’re doing on Facebook!

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