Facts of Raghu and Rajiv which will shock you!

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Raghu Ram is senior supervising producer at MTV India and the executive producer of reality television shows MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla. And Rajiv Lakshman is his twin brother. Both the twins host MTV Roadies along with Ranvijay Singh.

Here we are presenting few facts about Raghu and Rajiv which will shock you for sure! Before that, have a look at their personal lives.

Early Life of Twins

Raghu and Rajiv were born in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, and raised in Delhi, India. They both studied at the Woodstock School in Landour, Uttarakhand. They later attended the University of Delhi in Delhi. In the first year, both were students of Deshbandhu College, but in the second year, they joined Sri Venkateswara College.


Their father is a Chartered Accountant and mother a reputed political affairs journalist. They were raised in Delhi. They also have an younger sister Supriya Nistala, she is married & have a daughter. She lives in Singapore.

Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman with father Viswanath Ambadapudi

MTV Roadies Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakhshman with Father

Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman with younger sister Supriya Nistala

MTV Roadies Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakhshman with Sister

Raghu Ram is married to actress Sugandha Garg & Rajiv Lakshman is married to Susan Lakshman. They have a son Vedaant (Noah).

Facts about Raghu and Rajiv which will shock you!

1. Raghu was rejected in the audition of Indian Idol Season 1!

In 2004, Raghu appeared in Indian Idol Season 1 as a contestant and was one of those who came to test his voice out in front of the judges – Anu Malik, Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam.

He began by doing a few exercises and then went on to sing the song- ‘Aaj jane ke zid na karo’ which actually didn’t go well with his voice, according to the judges.

And he soon received comments, questioning his voice quality which he (Raghu) did not adore and repulsed with his signature attitude traits which obviously didn’t go down the throats of the judges and eventually made Anu Malik force him out the scene.  

Watch his audition.

2. Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay had their faces blackened by ABVP activists!

Raghu Ram, Rajiv Lakshman and Ranvijay Singh (Hosts, MTV Roadies) had their faces blackened by activists of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and were chased out of Pune for using foul language on national television.

The anchors were participating in a promotional rally in the city.

The ABVP later issued a statement saying we will not tolerate derogatory language and humiliation of women in TV shows.

3. Raghu has sung theme song of Roadies 9- Manmaani!

In spite of being rejected from Indian Idol 1, Raghu Ram didn’t give up. He stuck to his passion and sung theme song of Roadies  named Manmaani which was composed by Agnee Band. That’s not it, he also get nominated for The Best Singer award in Gima Awards 2012 for this song.

Listen the song.

4. Classmates of Raghu and Rajiv used to rag them in their school days!

Both tough looking twins were soft heartened back in their school days. In Delhi audition of MTV Roadies X, Raghu confirmed this while auditioning the soft hearted contestant Manik. When Manik shared stories of his dark childhood where he used to get beaten up by schoolmates, Raghu claimed to have same childhood. Their schoolmates also used to rag Raghu and Rajiv in school days.

Watch the video of audition of Manik.

5. Raghu and Rajiv are not ordinary twins! They are twins with a twist!

Here is an incident which will tell us more. Once Raghu was down with jaundice and was at home. Rajiv had gone to school. Suddenly Raghu’s fever shot up. Everyday, Rajiv’s temperature used to shoot up in class whenever Raghu’s temperature used to shoot up at home.

Here is another incident. Once Rajiv was sitting outside a Gurudwara in the evening and he felt someone’s slap on his cheek. He ran home, and found out that Raghu had been slapped at home.

(From the conversation with Raghu and Rajiv with one website.)

6. Their wives look similar too!

Raghu and Rajiv’s wives also look similar. In fact, a lot of people think they are sisters! What a co-incidence!

Learnings from the article!

  • Never give up. Keep doing what you love doing, even if you are criticized. One day will come, when world will respect you!
  • If you are succeeding, people will criticize you for sure. Let them speak. A lion does not care for the opinion of sheep!
  • Don’t care of others. Love what you do, do what you love!
  • Don’t afraid of situations or people. Be strong.
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