When two IT professionals converted their hobby into a platform!

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It’s a story of two IT professionals (from Pune, India), who converted their hobby into a platform- Shadows Glore! Shadows Galore is a weblog about Travel, Photography, Lifestyle and Community Partnership. Let us know, how Purnendu Singh and Ekta Kamdar Singh created Shadows Glore.

Please tell us something about you and shadows galore.

We are Puru and Ekta, both IT professionals and Shadows Galore is a weblog we started to share our travel and photography experiences. Slowly more people joined in and now it has become a sort of a community blog dedicated to primarily travel and photography. We started in 2011 so this is the 2nd year of our existence.

Shadows Glore Founders
Shadows Glore Founders

Great! So, what was the motivation behind the start up?

It was actually a photography competition when I was in college; one of the terms was that I must have either a flickr account or photoblog to be able to participate.

I was not able to understand how Flickr worked, so created a photoblog itself. The theme of the competition was: Lights and Shadows. That is how we named it Shadows Galore. Then for long time, it was lying mothballed. Once while on internet , came across a blog called Frenchie and me the travel tales of a couple who shared it with the world we had always been traveling and this triggered the desire to tell our stories too. So that is how it started.

What difficulties have both of you faced while converting your idea into reality?

I was already blogging when we started this. However, one of the problems which we faced was that the travel blog arena is already very crowded. To differentiate or just to get noticed among so many established Travel Bloggers was a big challenge.

So how did you fight your way into the travel blog quagmire?

Instead of fighting our way in, we decided to build relationships. Collaboration was the way we chose. Other Travel Writers became our friends and the concept of competition was not given precedence. Added to this, an attempt to connect with people, some marketing on Social media and a conscious effort to bring quality helped.

So what are your future plans?

I wish to develop Shadows Galore into a community blog with an array of authors to an extent that we became a valuable source of information for travel. Will take years to accomplish that, but the result will be worth the effort.

A tab “The Bucket List” exists on your blog, what does that mean?

The Bucket List is a list of the places we wish to see before we die.

As we see that place, we update it. So far just one down.

Which is your favorite place from the ones you have visited so far? And why?

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It takes you to a different era and you seem to go back in time. The days we spent there were very peaceful and filled with wonders.

What message would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Well, I will request them to have faith on their idea, and concentrate only on delivering the best as per their ability. The good things will follow.

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Siddharth Jhala
Siddharth Jhala is pursuing MBA from NITIE, Mumbai. He loves travelling and reading.