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4 min is India’s first and only memorial portal. It helps us relive lives and memories of our parted loved ones. On this portal, you can make a complete page of your loved ones with biography, photos, videos, family details, condolence messages, background music and set birth and death anniversary reminders for relatives and pass on the legacy to our future generations. We took interview of the founders, Vivek Vyas and Vimal Popat! Have a look at the interview to know more about

What is all about? is India’s first memorial portal, a platform which enables us to relive the lives of our departed loved ones. One can share biography, photos, share videos, family and personal details, condolence messages, background music and set anniversary reminders for relatives and friends.

What is unique about

Well, the nobility and emotional appeal it offers is unique about the portal on top of that it hits the emotions of almost everyone.

What inspired you to start this venture? What is your motive behind this startup?

Honestly, this portal was not planned. The idea came in fluke while having snacks as the snacks were served on piece of newspaper obituary column page we felt bit disturbed and these thought “cant these be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally and be remembered and shared?” These questions made us go about this noble cause.

What difficulties you faced while converting your idea into reality?

It was really a long and difficult time from concept to execution. First of all the brainstorming of the model and features as there was nothing similar to look at took long time, then finding right kind of developers, we crashed the site twice before coming up with the current look also testing of all the features was a hectic exercise, having said that we are happy with the final outcome of the product.

Did you get any acknowledgement for starting India’s one and only Memorial Website?

Yes in fact many appreciation and acknowledgements from various reputed sites, publications and media including Chitralekha, MyFM,

Honorable chief minister of Gujarat state, Shri Narendra Modi sent us appreciation letter too.

Appreciation letter from Narendra Modi
Appreciation letter from Narendra Modi

How much fund did you invest in this venture? How did you manage the fund?

It’s a self funded venture as of now, we have crossed 20 lakh of rupees put together. Fund came from savings and loan from relatives and friends

How many people are working in your venture?

Apart from founders we have a team of 3 freelance web designers. Data entry has been outsourced and sales happens by appointed sales agencies which are around 40 as of now. Founders Vimal Popat and Vivek Vyas
Founders of Vimal Popat and Vivek Vyas

What’s your future plan?

With increasing popularity of the portal, now we are open to the funds and will start talking to investors in the time to come, we are also planning to make strategic partnership with print media houses if possible.

What message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is fascinating yet frustrating at times; don’t plunge into that just for the sake of experimenting. You must be dedicated towards it and should be ready to face the challenges it offers.

What do you think about

Well, is doing phenomenal job by bringing out the unique things happening around us. We appreciate the efforts and love to log on to the site every now and again.

Well, it’s a unique and awesome effort indeed. We wish a great success!

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