Make Tangra Chilli Paneer


Paneer: 0.180 gms

Red paper: 0.030 gms

Green paper: 0.030 gms

Yellow paper: 0.030 gms

Onion: 0.030 gms

Mada: 0.012 gms

Corn flour: 0.012 gms

Veg broth powder: 1.000 gms

Chilles paste: 0.012 gms

Tomato ketchup: 0.100 gms

Holl red chilles: 0.002 gms

Green chilles sauce: 0.080 gms

Soya sauce: 0.012 gms

Vinegar: 0.012 gms

Garlic: 0.010 gms

Oil: 0.060 gms

Salt: 0.005 gms

Black paper: 0.005 gms

Spring onion: 0.008 gms


  1. Cut the Paneer in cubes, marinated with salt n pepper and vegetable broth powder.
  2. Make a batter of refined flour, corn flour and egg, now dip a Paneer cubes in to the batter and deep fry it.
  3. Take a pan put some olive oil, put some onion garlic and chilli paste then red, yellow, green capsicum, put some tomato catch-up and deep fry Paneer, add soya sauce vinegar, salt n pepper add green chilli sauce and also put some spring onion to finish it.

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Chef Preetam Singh
Originally belong to Gadwaal, Chef Preetam has worked for various big Restaurants all over the India. And currently he is working at Uber Lounge, New Delhi from past 2 years as a Head Chef. Chef Preetam speciality if Italian, Kababs and Mexican cuisines.

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Make Tangra Chilli Paneer

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