Make Tangra Chilli Paneer


Paneer: 0.180 gms

Red paper: 0.030 gms

Green paper: 0.030 gms

Yellow paper: 0.030 gms

Onion: 0.030 gms

Mada: 0.012 gms

Corn flour: 0.012 gms

Veg broth powder: 1.000 gms

Chilles paste: 0.012 gms

Tomato ketchup: 0.100 gms

Holl red chilles: 0.002 gms

Green chilles sauce: 0.080 gms

Soya sauce: 0.012 gms

Vinegar: 0.012 gms

Garlic: 0.010 gms

Oil: 0.060 gms

Salt: 0.005 gms

Black paper: 0.005 gms

Spring onion: 0.008 gms


  1. Cut the Paneer in cubes, marinated with salt n pepper and vegetable broth powder.
  2. Make a batter of refined flour, corn flour and egg, now dip a Paneer cubes in to the batter and deep fry it.
  3. Take a pan put some olive oil, put some onion garlic and chilli paste then red, yellow, green capsicum, put some tomato catch-up and deep fry Paneer, add soya sauce vinegar, salt n pepper add green chilli sauce and also put some spring onion to finish it.