Movie Review: Lootera

Well, I was expecting a classic love story after watching the trailer and was waiting for this one since long. Believe me, Lootera has came out to be more than i was expecting! It’s a masterpiece; a fabulous love story of Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha. Direction of the movie is simply brilliant. Music by Amit Trivedi is excellent; it’s a heartbeat of the movie. And so as a background score, its simply awesome. 5 out of 5 for the music of Lootera. Both Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh has performed brilliantly. It has a fabulous story with very good dialogues. I can say, it’s one of the best love stories of Bollywood. Story goes slow, it has few dull moments right before the interval too. But you’ll forget all in the end. Climax is written, performed, directed and presented fantastically! A perfect end.


Pakhi, young and vulnerable looking girl, lives with her father, a Zamindar, in an aristocratic world. In this tranquil existence enters an archaeologist, Varun, seeking help from the Zamindar with a letter from the Archaeological Society of India. With his remarkable knowledge of books and music, and expertise in his own field, Varun impresses the Zamindar, stealing his way into the life and heart of the family; especially Pakhi’s. As love blossoms, Pakhi is drawn towards Varun’s captivating reserve and easy-going charm. Following a series of inevitable uncertainties and misunderstandings, she comes to terms with her feelings for Varun on the eve of his departure. She shares them with her father and Varun finds himself agreeing to marry Pakhi.But strange are the quirks of fate, queer the vicissitudes of misfortune. A shocking realization about Varun shatters Pakhi’s life. She turns reclusive.Pakhi struggles to move on with her life, determined to forget him and their relationship. Until one day, he lands up at her door-step under the most extraordinary circumstances.


Lootera is a perfect classic bollywood love story. It’s written, directed and performed brilliantly with excellent music. It’s must watch for all those who like to see classic, slow romances that take time to unfold.