Startup Talk: The Story behind!

What question comes first to your mind while going on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and parties? Selection of gifts for your dear ones, right! You don’t have to worry about gifts anymore; Trikon Technology Solutions has developed a portal called BuddyGifting for all your gifting needs. is a social gifting platform for sending gifts individually or as a group. It was started to solve the problems related to gifting that are faced either as a gift giver or as gift receiver. We talked with the founders to know more about the BuddyGifting. Have a look at our conversation with the founders of BuddyGifting.

Who are minds behind BuddyGifting?

BuddyGifting Team
BuddyGifting Team

Rahul Saraf

Rahul Saraf worked with Infosys for the ‘big-company-business’ and got his bearings in entrepreneurship when he joined the family food processing business. He loves computer technology and e-commerce. He studied B.Tech from Nirma University and did an MBA from Cardiff University

Rohan Saraf

Rohan Saraf is the natural-sales person, always trying to figure out how BuddyGifting can be expanded and how more tie-ups can be done. He got his hand dirty through his experience at AIESEC and Godrej Interio, and the entrepreneurship stint in his family business. He has a PGDBM from Goa Institute of Management.

Ronak Agarwal

A techie at heart, Ronak Agarwal has been managing umpteen numbers of ecommerce portals and websites for his service business. BuddyGifting is the “own product” that he is passionate about. Previously, he has worked with Cybersurf India Pvt. Ltd and has done a BE (IT) from SVIT.

Pranay Gupta

After helping many a startups grow successfully as a part of CIIE, Pranay Gupta decided to start BuddyGifting to solve a nagging problem that he could see. He has previously worked with Nomura and Lehman brothers and studied at IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi.

What is the concept and idea behind BuddyGifting?

To start with we first identified the problems people faced when they were giving a gift:

  1. Selection of gifts (what should I gift, will the receiver like it)
  2. Fitting the gift in your budget
  3. Who initiates the group gift
  4. Who pools in for the missing friends and then collect it for them at a later date.

We also identified that the gift receivers face the problem of receiving unwanted or duplicate gifts which ultimately destroys their gift receiving experience.

To SOLVE these problems, we enable you to give multiple gift options to your buddy so that they can choose the gift more suited to them. Following are the kind of gifting you can do through

  1. Group gifting – Create a gift pool on BuddyGifting and invite your friends to contribute. We remove the hassles of collecting money from other contributors as they can pay directly in the gift pool created by you.
  2. Individual gifting or buying for self – Send a quick gift to your loved ones on any occasion without the need to give an option or creating a pool. If you like the product, you may also simply want to buy it for yourself.
  3. Gift Receiver’s Delight – At BuddyGifting we believe that it is the Gift Receiver who should have the final say in what they get. This is why we let them decide what they should finally receive. They can choose from the gift options suggested by the gift givers, or swap it with something that they like in the BuddyGifting shop or they can redeem a prepaid VISA Gift Card. Thus no more unwanted or duplicate gifts.

The USP is that at BuddyGifting we eliminate any unwanted gifts making sure that gift receivers always receive the perfect gift they wish for and gift givers no longer have to face a dilemma on what to buy.

How the idea of BuddyGifting was born?

The reason that we started this business was because we ourselves were facing a lot of trouble in gifting – receiving and giving and we thought why not ask people if their experience was the same. Realizing that many people were going through the same dilemmas, conflicts and issues, we thought about finding a solution and see if we could also pool in our individual capacities and bring a holistic team on the table

Why did you chose the name- BuddyGifting?

Haha 🙂 , The name BuddyGifting was an interesting choice, we were brainstorming and were coming up with a lot of names, after short listing a few we did a vote and BuddyGifting won. Actually BuddyGifting stands for what we are, a site where you can gift your buddies. And buddies can be anyone you love and care for.

How much time and fund did you spend creating your portal?

We have been working on BuddyGifting for a year now. The site itself was launched recently in February 2013.

We have spent close to Rs 10 Lakhs till now to build

Which difficulties you have faced while converting your idea into reality?

The biggest challenge for us is to educate people about the problems they face while gifting so that they realize the importance of and the need for it in their lives.

How BuddyGifting is different from another e-Commerce? And why people should use BuddyGifting among all other gifting sites.

Our model sets us apart from all other Gifting sites. Ours is a wholesome product which solves the problems of both the gift giver and receiver while at the same time maintaining the essence of gifting. No one else is doing that currently. No e-commerce player is giving the group gifting facility today, moreover if you use a e-commerce site to gift someone, gift receivers do not get the choice to select their own gift and are stuck with unwanted or duplicate gifts.

Our services are totally free for the gift givers and gift receivers. is a one stop shop to all your gifting needs, be it a product or a gift voucher or a holiday plan, we have it all. We have tied up with 60 major brands already which include Apple, Sony, Canon, Lifestyle, ShopperStop, HiDesign amongst others.

What is your future plan?

So our current and near future plan is to market and to reach out to our target audience, at the same time we will work to improve their gifting experience and increase product options through more tie ups. We plan to foray into corporate gifting which is something we are working on. And there is a lot more which we have thought of but too early to talk about.

What message would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

You need to believe in your product and have faith in yourself. Listen to all the advice you get, analyze it and use what is useful for you.

Click here to try BuddyGifting now. Comment your views on this startup. And stay tuned to to read more exciting articles regularly. Follow us on Facebook to get updates on Facebook.

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Startup Talk: The Story behind!

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