We bet you don’t know these Google services!

Search, videos, photos, sharing, writing, texting, flashing, from early morning newspaper to late night chatting, ask anything and Google is there. But well, you are not aware of what is the size of Google’s stomach (and get it does not aches!).
Here is a list of 5 Google services, we bet you don’t know.

1. Google Fiber

For you net lovers and BSNL haters, this one is for you. Google FIBER is a broadband network that offers 100 times more speed than other ones.

2. Darter

Find C language some kind at alien-ware. Google is there for you. Dart is a brand new programming language made by Google. Go cp & it branch go.

3. Google Powermeter

Save energy. Save Money. Make a Difference. With this motto, Google has launched a free power and electricity measurement tool so that you can cut cost on your electricity bill and know what GEB and Reliance are up-to.

4. Google URL Shortner:

For all BadamuhChotibaat, I mean twitter lovers, Google has introduced their URL shortner goo.gl. It shortens any URL to goo.gl/xxxxx and makes it easy to post in those 140 characters.

5. Schemer

Schemer is a fantastic app which almost changes our perspective of Apps. Whenever any idea or how they call it a Scheme, strikes your fancy, just tack it in Schemer. According to the outside environment and your mood, it recommends the most suitable thing for you. For example watching a movie if it’s a rainy day, or checking out a new brunch spot on a weekend morning.

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Abhijit Mahida (U Just Got Teched, Whokies) and Charmin Patel (Essays World) are the partners in crime for this post. Both are pursuing Chemical Engineering from GCET.

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  1. it would be have been nice if u can update this post with links to these google services 🙂 BTW, i didnt knew about powermeter and i googled it but i found out it has retired on sept. 2011? am i looking at correct url? can u please share the links as well which might be helpful. thanks

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