Ahmedabad based company Space-O sponsors $10,000 to young entrepreneurs!

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Ahmedabad: City based development company Space-O Technologies has funded two young startups from Gujarat with $5000 each.  Startups were discovered at an event Startup 20-20 conducted by Devang Mehta Foundation and GTU Innovation Council at MS University, Vadodara.

CEO of Space-O, Rakesh Patel was invited to mentor participants of Startup 20-20. He mentored over 8 teams and worked with them to solve there problems about their idea or business plans and motivated them to think differently and see a bigger picture of the game, later in afternoon he worked with the teams to review their Mock presentations and suggested necessary improvements.

“I saw an amazing spark in the young generation. They exhibited capabilities to think out of the box and had remarkable energy. They did not just thought differently, the wanted to do the things differently and solve real world problems.  This reminded me of the days of my studies. All that was required was a push, to work with the next generation to make their ideas come true.” said Rakesh Patel.

“At first, I was thinking about sponsoring one team, but I found it so difficult to decide which team to choose as both the teams was so good that I convinced myself to sponsor both the teams.” he Added.

Here are startups which Space-O is going to sponsor.

1. Park: On the Go

Team Members

Juie Talavia, Bhargav Mehta , Hardik Bagdi, Himanshu Chetwani, Smit shah, Hardik Patel and Rishabh Shah.


Parking problems are faced by all of us and everyone would want to contribute to solve that problem if given a platform.

On-the-Go will employ crowd-sourcing model (like Wikipedia) to gather the data and build a database of parking and no parking zones.

For the end users, access to this data will be made available free through various mobile and web apps.

2. Radius

Team Members

Naeem G Shaikh, Ronak Gohil, Dhrumil Pathak, Amit Anand, Ankit Agrawal.


The idea called “Radius” did not win the price but Space-O will still sponsor this project as it looks more promising to us as this team is after building a platform that will do all the data mining and analysis about an individual for building there credibility.

The problem this project will solve is enable individuals mostly employees to build there Credibility Score. For example, if an employee has got a recommendation from a client or she has been rewarded for outstanding work, her credibility score would increase and if and employee messes up with some legal issues or violates a confidentiality agreements it will indicate negatives on his score.

The score will be available as a “Badge” that you can put on your resume or profiles that communicates various characteristics about him.

In today’s world where people are changing jobs faster than ever, employees with high credibility score are going to be preferred by the companies.

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