All you want to know about this Super Fruit- Soursop

Disease has always been the main cause of human death throughout our long history, exceeding war, famine and environmental factors. Even today, with other factors notwithstanding, disease is the number one killer of human beings on the planet; with the top eight global causes of death all attributed to various diseases. In India, the range and burden of infectious diseases are enormous; with 17% of the world’s population the country has a 21% share of the global disease burden. According to World Bank estimates, India loses an enormous 54 billion dollars annually due to the loss of productivity caused by the various diseases. Changing lifestyles, behavioral patterns and several complex factors have led to the emergence and spread of disease in India. The prevalence of common illnesses in modern society owing to stress, work pressure and negative lifestyle habits such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, immunity deficiencies and severe ailments such as cancer have always had a problem of being sufficiently addressed.

The stress of modern day living is causing an enormous burden on healthcare globally. Poor eating habits, stress, sleep deprivation and a sedentary lifestyle has contributed to the growth and prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and immunity deficiencies; leading to a literal explosion of cases with cardiovascular complications. The situation is worse in a country like India where historically the ratio of a physician to the population was 100000 to 1. With lack of expertise in complete disease management from a provider side and lack of understanding of lifestyle diseases among people, has created a complicated situation where the problem has not been sufficiently addressed. Experts forecast that by 2020 nearly half the deaths will occur from complications of lifestyle diseases in India.

Soursop Fruit
Soursop Fruit

Among the various diseases, cancer has become a big threat to human beings globally due to the apparent lack of a cure. As per the Indian population census data, the rate of mortality due to cancer in India was high and alarming with about 8, 06,000 existing cases by the end of the last century. Cancer is the second most common disease in India, responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3 million deaths per year. Coronary heart disease is the topmost cause of death in India, with the disease claiming over 1.4 million lives every year. Liver diseases have a high prevalence in India, about 2, 00,000 lakh people die of terminal liver disease every year. The need of the hour is not medication which has needless side-effects or expensive Medicare and surgery, but something organic.

Fruits are the natural gifts of nature which contain unique compounds that provide you with energy to fuel your days and keep you going. The humble fruit contains a lot of components that are necessary for the human body such as vitamins, carbon compound, protein, lipid, cellulose, minerals which aid in curing disease in a natural manner. Out of all the various fruits with known health benefits such as Durian, Grape Fruit, Mangosteen and Mulberry, there is one which stands above the rest.
Annona Muricata, a tropical broad leafed plant has the answer through its spiky fruit Soursop and its oblong leaves. The five pound fruit is highly aromatic with white juicy flesh, having a flavor reminiscent of pineapple and strawberry. The fruit’s pulp and leaves have been traditionally used to treat a wide range of diseases through its remarkable health benefits; allowing it to thwart all prevailing lifestyle diseases and preventing illness. Intrigued by its nearly miraculous qualities, scientists conducted a whole gamut of tests on the Soursop fruit; finding the perceived benefits to be true, they submitted the research findings for the same.

Soursop has a vast repertoire of remarkable health benefits which help combat a wide array of illnesses. The fruit helps fight general lifestyle ailments through its natural sedative properties for insomnia, rich fiber content treating bowel movement difficulties along with having anti diabetic properties which helps regulate blood sugar. The leaves of the fruit are known to have analgesic or even pain relieving features, capable of healing the wound while simultaneously preventing pain. Soursop is a good source of vitamin C, boosting the acidity level of urine, greatly reducing the risk of a urinary tract infection along with treating cold, flu, cough and a blocked nose. The fruit containing half the potassium present in bananas reduces the occurrence of cramps, its rich magnesium content prevents water retention, the fruit’s copper content helps keep bones healthy, iron helps prevent anemia, while its high riboflavin content prevents migraines.

Soursop is great for cleansing blood and also removes toxins from the entire body, helping to promote clear skin free of health and cosmetic problems. Additionally the leaves of the fruit are utilized for treating backaches, dermatitis, mouth ulcers and acne along with swelling of the sinus, nose and throat. Annonacin acetogenins present in Soursop block the supply of ATP (Adenosine Triphospate, a powerhouse of energy) to high energy-consuming cells in the body; which cut off the Cancer cells from their energy source, arresting their growth and ultimately killing them. The wonder fruit has been known to attack and destroy 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung along with pancreatic cancer without any side effects.

With all the numerous benefits under its ambit proven scientifically, the super fruit is primed to improve the lives of all those who desire it.

By Mr. Raghav Gupta, the Director of SVA India Ltd.