Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts

Facebook announced today that they are soon rolling out embeddable posts on Facebook. In essence, the new feature allows you to embed public posts from Facebook to your blog or Web site. It’s pretty obvious, but Facebook reminds us that only posts set to public can be embedded.

Embedded Post on Facebook
Embedded Post on Facebook

Just like with embedded tweets, embedded Facebook posts let people interact with it in following ways

  • Liking or sharing the post directly from your web page
  • Liking the Page or following other posts from the author using the top right button
  • Visiting the post’s comments, photos, hashtags and other content on Facebook

The move comes as Facebook increasingly tries to embrace the idea of public content despite its origins in private sharing. The launch of hashtags was another recent step in this direction. The fact is that there’s huge traffic and influence to be had by hosting breaking news and eye-witness accounts. Its those world-galvanizing moments, and not just private tidbits about our friends, that stir our emotions.

Facebook officials says that broader availability is coming soon, but doesn’t elaborate on when that will be. If the rollout is anything like it has been for the new news feed, we’re probably going to be waiting for a long time.