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Ahmedabad: Google Business Group (GBG), Ahmedabad organized an event on Online Money Making on 11th August, 2013 in Ahmedabad. And more than hundred GBG members including students, professionals and aspiring bloggers attended the event. Ashvin Patel (Blogger and Accountant based in Morbi), Mitesh Sanghvi (Manager, GBG Ahmedabad) and Devanshu Pandit (Professor at CEPT University, formally known as Adhir Amdavadi) were the experts who delivered their knowledge and experience at the event.

Event started with the introduction of GBG Ahmedabad by Mitesh Sanghvi. “GBG Ahmedabad is rated as India’s number one and world’s fifth Google Business Group. We have to take Ahmedabad on the next platform. With the aim of projecting Ahmedabad on national platform we tend to do more events under Google Business Group.” said Mitesh. Then he invited Ashvin Patel to takeover the session.

Ashvin Patel, who is a part time blogger and an accountant from a small village near Morbi, Gujarat, shared his blogging experience with the attendees. Ashvin practically taught installation and use of various blogging platforms including Blogger and WordPress. He taught money making through blogging followed by his own experience. He also shared his knowledge on various analytic tools and monetary tools for blogs like Google Adsense and Google Adwords.

After lunch break, Mitesh Sanghvi took a session on Google Authorship. He talked on- Getting Google Authorship. He taught how to get Authorship step by step. He talked on Google Author Rank, which is a next big thing coming up from Google.

After his speech, Devanshu Pandit who is formally known as Adhir Amdavadi (Gujarati Humour Columnist, Mumbai Samachar) and is a professor at CEPT Ahmedabad talked on Social Media Marketing and Engagement. He told his story, how he created Adhir Amdavadi, a fiction humorist. He taught various tricks to engage your audience on social media.

Overall it was a very good session from our partner Google Business Group Ahmedabad. Here are photos from the event. Check them out.

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