Make this yummy Galouti Kebab in 15 minutes


Mutton – 250gm
Salt – As per taste
Brown Onion paste– 10gm
Brown garlic paste – 02gm
Kebab Chini Powder – As per taste
Raw Papya paste – 5-6gm
Degi Mirch – Just for colour
Ghee – 01gm
Gulab Jal – 01gm
Kewra – 01gm
Saffron – 01gm
Ginger garlic paste – As per taste
Garam masala – As per taste


Mutton is finely minced and mixed with all the ingredient and mash it till it becomes a paste. The paste is kept to rest and absorb the taste and flavour of all ingredient for 30 minutes. Than saffron is mixed with in it and small patties are made of that paste. Than oil is heated in a frying pan on low heat and the patties are shallow fried in it for 5-6 min until it get cooked.


Khasta Roti & Mint chutney

Preparation time: 15-20 min

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Chef Vikas Mudgal
Consultant and entrepreneur, Chef Vikas is a veteran Indian chef who has embellished award winning quality Indian restaurants like Dumpukht, The Maurya, a luxury collection hotel in New Delhi, Bukhara at Kempinski Hotel Ajman in U.A.E. and Saffron – The Pan-Indian restaurant at Trident Gurgaon.

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