Movie Review: Chennai Express

The much awaited and much talked movie, Chennai Express hit screens today! And as we had predicted on earlier in June,2013, the movie brings disappointment. Story of Chennai Express is so common typical bollywood love story. Hero and heroine meet accidentally and eventually they fall in love. But heroine’s father wants another guy (villain) to marry him. And after proving himself with all the fights and emotional drama, hero manages to marry the heroine. That is what Chennai Express is all about! Half of the movie is in Tamil language including two songs. So if you want to enjoy Chennai Express thoroughly, i will suggest you to take Tamil coaching first.

Direction of the movie is average. Nothing great. Shahrukh Khan has played character of Rahul in the movie which the most common character played by him in past movies. Action sequences are also not impressive. Sorry, but Rahul Shetty Ishtyle will not work everytime. Music is average. Punches in movie will make kids laugh for sure. Overall, it is a big disappointment for all SRK fans.

What is good about Chennai Express? Cinematography, beautiful locations and colorful screen are the plus points. Song parodies used in the movie are really amusing. Specially those after the interval. Deepika Padukone has done an impressive job in the movie with her Tamil accent. We are giving 2 stars to the colorful locations, those song parodies and Deepika Padukone’s performance.


A big disappointment. Chennai Express has nothing new to offer. So common bollywood love story with Rohit Shetty’s action sequences. Movie is made for kids. If you want to watch it anyhow, put your mind aside and watch it at your own risk. Not at all recommended from’s Exclusive Prediction 

We had predicted on on 16th June, 2013 that Chennai Express will bring disappointment. And movie has came out to be a reflection of our prediction. We had predicted 2.5 stars for Chennai Express, unfortunately we are going to give CE 2 stars after watching it. Click Here to read our prediction. Stay tuned for more predictions.