Search for the God- Generator Operator Destroyer!

GOD - Generator Operator Destroyer

I think you all heard this sentence “GOD is everywhere, at everyplace and in every bit of life.” I heard the same. But let me tell you friends, this sentence is true but not in the way we think.

From the beginning of my life, I was usually trying to find out the place of GOD, if it really exists, no matter where, no matter why, no matter how. But I was just curious to know about him anyhow.

But the time was going, and going, and going… And nothing happened. The curiosity and the keenness remained the same. I was just in 3rd standard of my primary school, and my dad planned a family trip to Gondal, Bhuvneshvari temple. I still remember the Jhula on which honorable goddess Bhuvaneshvari squatted. And yes, the excitement came when the Pujari told us that the swing swung automatically at the time of Aarti. And I went to know that yes, here is the GOD. Yes I felt good; I was so excited at that time. But after the Aarti, all things converted as before.

By the next few years, we arranged one more trip, at that time we went to Somnath, and bowed down. It was really so energetic, not only at that time, but still it is. I was just 14 at that time .

But that curiosity still remained the same. And I am still finding it; still I am finding how to meet the reality, How to know the GOD? Where to go to find him? I had no answer at that time.

But one day I met a person, I am not going to declare the name of that particular person, but yes, I met him. He explained me a lot about GOD. All questions which I wanted to solve, he answered it. He told me to feel the GOD, not to find the GOD. He told me to talk with the GOD, not to talk about the GOD.

He told me that God is nothing but a person, who can make or generate anything, can manage or operate that created thing, and can destroy it if is not working in a right manner. He told me that GOD is nothing but Generator-Operator-Destroyer.

When I met that person, it was nothing to spell in front of him, and I was just speechless. Just listened what he wanted to say. He told me that god is nothing but a person or daemonic power, which generates the system, operate the created system in a fruitful way, and destroy it if it is not working in proper manner.

He said, “The truth and leasing about god is reached all over the world. We always try to find the reality of god, but when we see ourselves or others, the common thing we can find out is that they all are working in a same manner. Like some organisms are organizing them. They generate anything, they manage what they have generated, and then after if it is not working in a way that it would be, will be destroyed by them. The same thing GOD does with us.

Let’s take an example, from the beginning of the time, mankind is progressing and spreads worldwide, I am not saying that GOD created us. Rather than I would like to say nature created us, or maybe it would be result of evolution as Charles Darwin said but we are created due to some particular reason. The whole organism to run the system looks like it has some connection with us.

If this is called generation, then it would be a part of operation. System of nature operate the humans, like it impulse us to do something. If you are reading this then I am sure that something behind this nature which motivate you to read this. It doesn’t matter which type of work you are doing. But it is exactly called operation of the system.

If the system doesn’t work properly, or the organism doesn’t accomplish their original purpose, then nature will destroy that system. Whenever any breed will try to cross their limitations, or try to imbalance the natural ecosystem, it will be dangerous to that particular society. That’s why the birth and death came in the system.

Still sometime there is some darkness to know the GOD, but I know someday will came when we know everything about the almighty.

Edited by: Bhavik Lathigara (Editor in Chief,

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Abhishek Pathak
Abhishek Pathak is a photographer at He is studying Automobile Engineering from Government Engineering college, Modasa. He loves to express everything through creativity. He believes that "Clicks are the mirror of life, sometime they reflect your self, sometime they reflect the thing behind your self."

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Search for the God- Generator Operator Destroyer!

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