Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express halts at LPU, Jalandhar

Jalandhar: After traveling to various cities in India and abroad, the Chennai Express team today visited LPU in Jalandhar. Nearly 20,000 students of LPU had the fortune to see the top stars of the industry at their campus. The crowd went beserk to see Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone live performance as they set the stage on fire.

As they hit melodies from the movies of SRK echoed, the energy level of lively LPU multitude got accelerated. Amid King Khan’s & Deepika’s performance, spell-bound crowd continued looking passionately at the stars. Both of them enlivened young fans by dancing to “Chennai Express” and other hit numbers “Kashmir Main Tu Kanya Kumari”, “One two three four!” etc. When Shahrukh uttered dialogues of his portrayed characters Raj of DDLJ, Raj Malhotra of Baazigar, Rahul of Chennai Express, Devdas and Don, the crowd got enchanted to the core.

Wooing fans with key line from “Chennai Express”, “Don’t underestimate the power of the common man”, SRK let LPU environment resound with huge claps, shrieks and thumps. Shahrukh Khan with his enticing voice addressed the students, “I am extremely happy to visit LPU and see the young students who are so energetic and lively in every manner. My heartfelt greetings to every Punjabi and may you all stay as lovely as ever. I am equally amazed to see LPU which is one of the biggest universities of our nation to have students from different States. My best wishes and good luck to the LPU students as they start their career with the university.”

Deepika Padukone expressed her gratitude to the students for Punjabi Hospitality. She told that travelling from West to South and presently to North has really enchanted her. She was happy to see the bubbling Punjabi energy at the LPU campus through huge assemblage. Sharing her part of performance, she attracted the spectators through her dance steps in consonance with South.

Welcoming the heart throbs of billions at LPU campus, Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal said: “It is truly a memorable day for the LPU students as they also start their new life at the university in the inspiring company of leading stars from the Indian cinema. They have reached campus to bless, guide and motivate LPU youth for their successful endeavours ahead. I personally feel that the simplicity, humility, upbringing values and successes of the two stars will certainly let students learn and imbibe the high-traits of theirs.” Mr Mittal also accorded his thanks to the mega stars to be a part of LPU family.

Praising students group which accompanied the stars during stage performance, the great & humble SRK boosted the youngsters. In answers made for many questions put by LPU students of Film Production & Journalism, SRK told them about his ‘mool- mantra’ of success and of being the King Khan of Bollywood. Deepika also told about her hard work in the film industry. Students were very excited to meet the stars.

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