Top Apps to help you to arrange a real student’s party

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Sometimes a little bit of help with arranging your party will make it go off a lot better. It is sometimes hard when you are trying to juggle your studies and social life to also have to arrange a party. Plus, you also have enough financial problems that you do not want to have to add to them any more than you have to. Luckily, most apps are very cheap or free, so you need not worry about spending a fortune on them. And, some of them are very good for helping you arrange parties.



The Facebook app (not Twitter)- You do not want to announce your party over Twitter or everybody will turn up. Just send a private message to your close friends on Facebook so that they are the only ones to turn up. The people who are not on Facebook can be contacted via SMS text message. Still, it is going to be a lot cheaper if you send most of your messages via Facebook first.


This app gives you a way of inviting your friends to your parties and your events. It is all done over the Internet, but it may be a good idea to chase them up after a day or two as some people ignore the invites when they come from apps such as this.


This is an iPhone app that allows you to plan your entire party with just one app. It gives you ideas for what you will have to do and what you are going to need. It gives you categories so that you can fill out the things you have done and bought and the things you still need to do and buy.



This is an iPhone app that you can use to plan your party and then invite your friends. If other people are using the app then you may be able to see if they are busy on the day that you are having your party.



This is an events manager app that allows you to create invitations online and send them to your friends. It helps you to create a guest list has an events reporting function so that you can see what has been done and what still needs doing. It is a nice addition to your party organization toolkit.



You can design your invitations on this app and then send off the details to your printer. It allows you to choose how they look; you can use their templates or design one from scratch. You then send the designs to your printer and print off as many as you need.


This is an iPhone app that allows you to schedule events so that you can arrange things a little more thoroughly on the lead up to parties, meetings and assorted events.


This is an events announcement tool. You can list your event on here and people will know about it. You can also search out events that may be of interest to your partygoers so that you can go somewhere after you have had your party.



This app has a very telling name, because your party may become quite eventful if you invite people with this app. It tells people in your local area, in your town and across the world about your party. This means you may end up with a record amount of attendees, which may turn your small gathering from a block party to a Woodstock party.


It gives you the opportunity to make a few friends and invite them to your party. You help real-world groups that have a community online. You can invite people from the communities and fill out your numbers a little.


This is an iPhone app that you can use to send out invitations with people that you are not too close to or even to complete strangers. You can use it to advertise and promote your new party. You can organize your party with a local group, or you can use the app to find a single person.


This is an iPhone app that allows you to plan a party on your phone. It takes you through the planning stages and allows you to email invitations to other people on your contacts list. It will also fill out a “who is coming” list when people reply to your invite.

It has been called a little annoying by some people, so it is dangerously important that you only send out e-vites when you are defiantly having a party. And, it may be a good idea to chase up people to see if they are coming or not, as many people ignore their e-vites as they assume it is being sent by some other drooling moron inviting them to “Have a lovely day.”

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