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A lot like love talks about tales knit around various emotions and the centre of which is love and related feelings of attachment, friendship, hope and other delicacies. It will have stories in a series or episode form.

The writer wishes to spread around the feeling of love with the right and practical messages, across the readers using the power of the pen.

About the Columnist

Neha Gupta

Finished her engineering in computer science in 2013, presently she is aspiring as a writer. She is an avid blogger, reader and writer. She loves writing short stories and writes on different niche. Dan Brown, Preeti Shenoy, Rhonda Byrne, Novneel Chakkrobarty are few of her favourite authors.

Being a budding author and having many followers on a Facebook page, she had written many poems and stories till now and has been currently working on an anthology and wishes to get recognized in the trending writing field.

Uff Yeh Feelings!

The First Meeting

Isha was sitting with a close friend, Nicky, on the first bench. After amazing results of 10th, Isha finally chose PCM for 11th class, she was although not so happy as she herself wanted to go for bio as almost all her friends were in bio-section. Isha did not like the new class but she was used to it as every time new session started their class got re-shuffled so she had been habitual of making new friends and adjusting with new classmates. But still she was missing her friend Pihu a lot that day, Pihu recently got transferred to a new city.

She was busy in her thoughts when the teacher entered and all the students wished her, “thank you, sit down all of you.” The teacher replied with a smile. She was busy taking the attendance when suddenly a girl entered the class. Isha looked at her from top to bottom, giving it a quick scan and then formed a quick opinion that she was not-her type of girl. That girl came in, had some discussion with the teacher and teacher introduced her to the class saying she was a newcomer had been transferred to their city a day back. It was not unusual for a newcomer to get admission in 11th class in school but this girl had been quite late, she was about a month late for that session. Ma’am asked her to sit, Isha was praying in her heart that girl should not sit with her, she kept her fingers crossed and that girl finally passed her seat and chose just the seat behind her to sit. As the class got over, Ma’am asked Isha to give her notes to this new girl, Isha with half heart, took her notebooks, turned around and kept her notes in front of her.

“Hey thank you, hi, I am Tani, from Meerut.”

“Oh hi, I am Isha, good to meet you.”

“Sorry to ask this, but how much did you score in your 10th?” Tani said looking straight in her eyes.
(What the hell? Who ask this question when you meet someone for the first time? Typical topper type or what? I was right about her; she is not my type-thought Isha to herself)

“I got 90%” Isha replied without looking at her.

“Oh good, I got 95%” Tani said.

“Acchaa?? Great it is. (Should I dance then? What a show-off she is! I just hate her- She again confirmed the negative image about her)

Tani tried to be friendly with Isha at many times but Isha just turned her off with her cold replies most of the times. She will only talk to Tani if it was really necessary. Usually teachers would ask her to help Isha in academics as she was lagging behind but she would do it half-heartedly. The kind on image set in her mind about Tani was of the kind of people she hates to be with. Although she knew Tani hadn’t done anything wrong to her, neither she was thinking of her as a competition still, she didn’t like her for her own silly reasons.

She even told Pihu about it on the call,
“She is such a show off I tell you Pihu, I feel suffocated when I have to act sweet in front of her. You know me, it’s so hard for me to pretend but I have to bear her.”

“Oh don’t worry Isha, you don’t have to be friends with her, be just like you are to other classmates. And well, I have something to tell you, my class has some awesome looking hunks, I am totally impressed!!!” Pihu knew how to make Isha normal and she succeeded in that. She was no more crying about Tani and was instead more interested to know things on Pihu’s side.

Although getting cold reactions from Isha, Tani had stopped herself from interacting much but since only Isha’s seat was vacant, Tani had to shift there when the girl who had been absent for a while, on whose seat Tani was sitting, came back. This made Isha hate her more, it was getting difficult for her to sit beside someone she don’t like at all. But life is not always what we want it to be. Isha was not a small kid now who would complain for no reasons and get the seats changed accordingly. And also, she had no other person to sit with as she was the topper of the class and people use to consider her somewhat proud. (In actual she was not, she was just introvert).

The days passed by and Isha and Tani use to sit together but talked quite less, just formally. She used to look forward to the break time when she would just quickly take out her lunch box and ran to friends in the other class, like a prisoner getting freedom. One day Tani was really upset, Isha observed it and when she asked her what was bothering her Tani just broke down. Isha was taken aback by this reaction of Tani and she tried her best to console her. Later Tani told her she didn’t wanted to take maths but it’s her parents dream and she feels a lot of pressure at times, she is worried about her marks reducing down drastically. Isha felt connected to her as she too was feeling pressurized under academics, slowly and eventually her opinion about Tani started to change, she was no longer a show-off-topper type girl for her. She started to like her and found her quite similar to her own self. Gradually as the days passed they both got so close to each other, sharing their girly talks. Isha used to feel they both were sailing on the same boat. They both shared the same kind of nature, emotional, straightforward and positive and one more thing that was common between them was their love towards their family, both of them wanted to fulfil their family’s dreams by sacrificing their own dreams. They both were good at academics, debates, sports, etc. Soon they both became famous as an “unbreakable-jodi” among teachers and other schoolmates and also won many prizes together.

Isha was happy to find another buddy close to her like she was with Pihu, although one thing was different, Isha was close to Tani but she was not so “open” to her, she never shared about her crush, her attractions etc. with Tani as she used to with Pihu. May be this happens with age, as we grow up we confined to become a little more conscious as what to share and what not to share, as we become scared of being judged by other people.

One afternoon, after coming back from school, Isha was watching TV with her mom; she got a call from Tani.

“Meet me in the evening, it’s something really urgent”, Tani said in quite a weird tone.

“Umm, ok, let’s meet at Mrs. Bakers then, 5 ‘o clock, talk to you then” Isha replied.

“Ok then, done, bye” and the call was disconnected.

Isha kept on thinking what was so important that Tani wanted to discuss so urgently, they were together the whole day at school, it’s just been an hour since they came back, what so important happened in that one hour?

“Let it be.” she said to herself and again got busy watching her favourite TV show.

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A Lot Like Love- Every Wednesday on BuddyBits.com.

A lot like love talks about tales knit around various emotions and centre of which is love and related feelings of attachment, friendship, hope and other delicacies. Column is being published every Wednesday on BuddyBits.com.

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Neha Gupta
Finished her engineering in computer science in 2013, presently she is aspiring as a writer. She is an avid blogger, reader and writer. She loves writing short stories and writes on different niche. Dan Brown, Preeti Shenoy, Rhonda Byrne are few of her favorite authors. She has been a contributor author in four anthologies in the past year and co-editor for one of them. Although an engineer but a writer at heart, she wishes to get recognized in the writing field.

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A Lot Like Love- Uff yeh feelings 1

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