Ahmedabad jams to the biggest Harley Rock Riders season yet

Ahmedabad: Celebrating the expression of freedom through music and motorcycling, Harley-Davidson India brought its annual music property Harley Rock Riders to Ahmedabad for the first time ever. With electrifying performances by two independent Indian rock bands- Blakc and Blek, the Ahmedabad night sky reverberated to the strum of the guitar strings.

Paying tribute to 110years of freedom and joining the yearlong global celebrations of Harley- Davidson’s 110th anniversary, the theme for Harley Rock Riders Season IV is ‘FREEDOM’. Season IValso invites Indian Rock musicians of all experience levels a chance to express their freedom and participate in “Find your Freedom” contest where the winner steals the glory by getting an opportunity to perform at World’s biggest bike festival – European Bike Week, 2014. The excitement doesn’t end here, the winning band will win the title of ”Harley-Davidson India Band of the Year” and also perform at the 16th European Bike Week 2014- Austria.
The spectacle started at 8pmby a decibel smashing performance by Blakc. The tone was set and the mood upbeat as Blekenergized the masses present at IIM-Ahmedabad through their inspired performance. By 10.30 pm the Ahmedabad youth head-banged in unison and the open night sky lit upwith the passion of the crowd. The chain reaction of music, bikes and fans reached its epitome when the key notes faded away and Ahmedabad stamped its authority as the “rock capital” of Gujarat. Harley Rock Riders gave fans a taste of the freedom that Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and owners live every day. Experiencing it for the first time in Ahmedabad has left a lasting imprint in the heads and hearts of many.

“Harley Rock Riders is back bigger, louder and more inspiring than ever before. We take pride in our heritage and association with rock music and Harley Rock Riders is a testament to our commitment towards creating a revolutionizing experience for the young ambitious generation in India. Following in the footsteps of Pune and Kolkata; HRR IV has given a completely new ‘rock’ character to Ahmedabad and HRR is just the beginning. We are committed towards providing our existing and potential Ahmedabad customers an H-D lifestyle oasis right next door, in their own city”– Anoop Prakash, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India.