Former CEO of Nokia launched Newkia to make Android Phones!

What if Nokia has started producing Android phones? It’s future surely would have been different. Nokia fans who wanted the company to embrace Android would find this piece of news interesting. The Finnish company’s former Asia-Pacific CEO Thomas Zilliacus has founded a company called Newkia, which aims to built Android phones that Nokia wouldn’t.

To fulfil his vision of making a Nokia-like Android phone, he plans to hire Nokia employees who have expressed interest in developing for Android. In fact, he was a Nokia employee for over 15 years. Reportedly, he also wanted to buy Nokia’s phone business a year ago, with the hope to start crafting Android phones but couldn’t happen due to sort of funds. While that didn’t happen and now Microsoft has bought Nokia’s device and services unit, so forming Newkia seemed like the next best option to him.

Thomas Zilliacus, former Asia-Pacific CEO of Nokia
Thomas Zilliacus, former Asia-Pacific CEO of Nokia

“We already have a team of senior former Nokia executives ready to run the business, and we are confident that we can attract the talent from those people who want to develop a competitive phone on the Android platform.” said Thomas Zilliacus.

Now, you can expect the first Newkia phone within a year and the company is targeting the Asian market. Now it is to be seen, if the company can bring back the Nokia experience with a touch of Android.

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