In search of happiness

I really don’t know what your aim in life is, but mine is to “Be Happy”.

Some may find me unambitious for stating this but according to me, every activity we undertake is with the objective of attaining something that can lead us to happiness. Some of us seek love others seek money. Some want to climb the corporate ladder, some want to establish their personal brand. At the end of the day, when you have attained anything from your personal goal list, how do you really feel? Do you feel rich, loved, accomplished or do you feel happy?

Happiness doesn’t come easily. No, I am not a sadist or negative person. As a matter of fact I am a really chirpy cheerful person. But I still believe that no matter how perfect your day may be, there could still be a part of you that will not be happy. The explanation for this is simple. We just don’t know what makes us happy. There have been many incidents, when I have had the most wonderful time with my friends. And at the end of the day when I am alone, I am just not happy. I really don’t know what bothers me. Is happiness really missing or am I just depressed about something that I can’t really pinpoint?

I think my problem is that I really haven’t figured out what make me truly happy. What makes one happy really depends on one’s definition of happiness and aspirations in life. When you think of what makes you happy or what your happy space is, you need to be precise. You can’t just say that Pizzas make me happy. You have to be descriptive and come up with a statement like “A thin crust pizza, with a topping of olives, corn and onions accompanied by a dash of mustard sauce makes me happy.”

Chalking out a definitive statement may take a while. Sometimes, it is easier to pinpoint what makes others happy. You observe them so well, that wouldn’t take you long to figure out what works for a friend. Thus, if you just can’t understand why you are not happy about a particular situation, just ask a friend. You’ll be surprised by what others think and see in you! Alternatively, step out and look at yourself from a third person perspective. You may just figure out the obvious facts that were right in front of you.

Bottom line – don’t stay sad. Seek happiness. Discover what clicks with you and pursue that. Understand things that depress you and eliminate those completely. This is the ultimate key to finding happiness according to me.

So tell me, what will make you truly happy?

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Hemal is a content developer by day and at night she is an experimental chef! An aspiring entrepreneur, she has coffee running in her veins and wacky business ideas in her brains.Her evolving bucket list includes backpacking across Italy, hosting her own food show and starting her own website! At BuddyBits, she is a friend, philosopher and guide!

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